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7 Store-Bought Vegan Tzatziki Brands

Here’s your sign to add these savory yogurt dips to your condiment rotation!

Good Foods vegan Tzatziki dip surrounded by fruits and veggies
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Courtesy of Good Foods

Here’s your sign to add these savory yogurt dips to your condiment rotation!

Originating in Southeastern Europe and the Middle East, tzatziki is a strained yogurt dip often consisting of cucumbers and herbs like dill and mint. It works as a versatile condiment whether used as a dip for bread, crackers, and veggies or added atop savory dishes. While not traditionally a vegan-friendly offering, several brands have perfected the plant-based condiment. Ready to dig in? Check out our list of the best store-bought vegan tzatziki dips on the market!

Fabalish Tzatziki Plant-Based Dip & Sauce

Vegan tzatziki made from aquafaba (chickpea water)? Sign us up for this innovative condiment! Plus, the Fabalish Tzatziki Plant-Based Dip & Sauce contains fresh, organic cucumber, mint, and dill—we love an herbaceous dip. We don’t know about you, but it’s time for us to whip up a cruelty-free gyro sandwich with our fave vegan deli meat.

Fabalish Tzatziki on veggies and fruits

Courtesy of Fabalish

Trader Joe’s Vegan Tzatziki Dip

Leave it to our fave grocery store to come through with the vegan tzatziki of our dreams. Whether you’re hosting a plant-based Greek-inspired dinner, or you’re just looking for a new condiment to elevate your culinary creations, you need this Trader Joe’s Vegan Tzatziki Dip. And don’t leave the store without pita chips and cucumbers—the combo is unmatched.

Person holding vegan Trader Joe's Tzatziki dip

Photo by Kreg Sterns

Kite Hill Tzatziki

From sour cream and cream cheese to ravioli and ricotta, Kite Hill hasn’t made a product we didn’t love. Believe us when we say the brand’s vegan tzatziki is a home run. For real, we can’t get enough of the Kite Hill Tzatziki. The active cultures add that crave-worthy tang and the almond milk lays the mild foundation for a super versatile condiment.

Person holding Kite Hill vegan Tzatziki dip

Photo by WholeFoodsHype on Instagram

Good Foods Plant-Based Tzatziki Style Dip

Good Foods’ ingredient lists will never not astound us. How can such rich, decadent dips come from vegetables? The Good Foods Plant-Based Tzatziki Style Dip is no exception. This vegan tzatziki contains cauliflower, cucumber, almonds, cashews, and a variety of spices. Pair this dairy-free dip with your go-to falafel. We know—it’s giving matchmaker vibes.

Good Foods vegan Tzatziki dip surrounded by fruits and veggies

Courtesy of Good Foods

Gotham Greens Tzatziki Dip

Known for its artisan lettuce varieties, herby salad dressings, and vegan-friendly pesto sauce, this brand also makes a stellar vegan tzatziki. The Gotham Greens Tzatziki Dip starts with a cauliflower base and is packed with herbs like dill and mint. This transformative condiment was made to elevate your grain bowls, produce-rich salads, and snack platters alike.

Gotham Greens Tzatziki dip surrounded by veggies

Courtesy of Gotham Greens

Simple Truth Plant-Based Tzatziki Cauliflower Dip

Another store brand with vegan tzatziki? Yep! We’re heading to Kroger for this one. You can find the delicious, creamy Simple Truth Plant-Based Tzatziki Cauliflower Dip at your neighborhood Kroger near the other plant-based dips. While you’re in the area, load up on your favorite spreads for the ultimate appetizer feast! Think hummus, guacamole, and dairy-free queso for some droolworthy chip-and-dip action!

Person holding vegan Tzatziki dip from Simple Truth

Photo by Allie Mitchell

Esti Plant-Based Aquafaba Tzatziki

Made with aquafaba, this dairy-free dip is bringing the taste of authentic Greek tzatziki without the cruelty. We love to see it! The Esti Plant-Based Aquafaba Tzatziki tastes great when paired with pita bread, crackers, fresh veggies, and so much more. ICYMI: This brand is also known for its tasty vegan-friendly dips and hummus spreads. We’ll take one of each!

Person holding esti vegan Tzatziki dip

Photo by Kreg Sterns

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