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About Us

Our mission is to inspire changemakers, leaders, and trendsetters to adopt a more sustainable and plant-based lifestyle.

VegOut Magazine

*And we don’t just mean politicians, CEOs, and Instagram influencers. We’re talking everyday trailblazers—parents, school teachers, college students, folks out there trying to make the world just a little bit better.

VegOut is the premier digital plant-based food and culture magazine. From dining out to cooking at home, from ethical fashion to celeb interviews, VegOut is your source for all things vegan.

“I recognize not everyone is going to go vegan overnight, or at all, but the more people who incorporate plant-based options into their daily lives, the better it is for the animals, the planet, and our collective health. Our goal at VegOut is to create a more sustainable food system. We do that by meeting people where they are, by showing them plant-based alternatives that taste great and cause no harm.”

– Maggie Ortlieb, Founder & CEO

What We Cover: