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Las Vegas’ Tacotarian Introduces Shelf-Stable, Plant-Based Taco Fillings

Tacotarian brings the authentic flavors of their acclaimed taqueria straight to your home.


Courtesy of Tacotarian

Tacotarian brings the authentic flavors of their acclaimed taqueria straight to your home.

Tacotarian, the Las Vegas-based plant-based taqueria, is revolutionizing home dining with its latest innovation. Catering to the surging demand for sustainable, plant-based options, Tacotarian unveils a tantalizing array of shelf-stable products, promising to transport the authentic restaurant experience directly to your kitchen.

Plant-Based Taco Filling

Renowned for winning over even the most devout meat enthusiasts, Tacotarian’s premier taco fillings are a testament to the fusion of authenticity and convenience. The inaugural lineup features jackfruit barbacoa and jackfruit Birria made with Beyond, meticulously crafted to capture the essence of traditional Mexican cuisine.

Embracing a philosophy of wellness without compromise, Tacotarian’s plant-based offerings redefine cruelty-free indulgence. High in protein, non-GMO, and bursting with flavor, these taco fillings offer a nutritious alternative to conventional meat options.

Regina Simmons, co-founder of Tacotarian and Tacotarian at Home, said, “We’re especially proud of our Birria with Beyond as it’s one of our most popular options at all our locations.”

Bridging the Gap: From Restaurant to Retail

Responding to fervent appeals from its loyal fanbase, Tacotarian’s foray into retail marks a pivotal moment in the brand’s journey. With a commitment to accessibility and inclusivity, Tacotarian at Home caters to a diverse audience, embodying a woman-owned, minority-owned ethos.

Kristen Corral, co-founder of Tacotarian and Tacotarian at Home, said, “We’ve been fortunate to have such a core group of Tacotarian supporters that have begged us to come to their city. While we are continuing to expand, we are elated to meet people where they are and present them with a retail line that allows them access to our plant-based offerings regardless of location.”

A Taste of Tacotarian at Your Fingertips

Savoring the Tacotarian experience has never been simpler. With their retail line, taco aficionados can effortlessly recreate their favorite dishes at home. Whether sizzling in a skillet or crisping in an air fryer, Tacotarian’s taco fillings promise culinary delight with minimal effort.

Embrace the revolution of plant-based dining with Tacotarian’s premium taco fillings, available soon at select retailers or via their website. Pre-sales commenced on May 3.

For more information, visit EatTacotarian.com.

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