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Tabay’s Mindful Kitchen Food Truck Relocates from California to Hawaii

18-year-old chef Tabay Atkins is moving his plant-based food truck to Kahului.

Tabay's Mindful Kitchen

Courtesy of Tabay's Mindful Kitchen

18-year-old chef Tabay Atkins is moving his plant-based food truck to Kahului.

18-year-old yoga teacher and visionary vegan chef, Tabay Atkins is moving his beloved vegan food truck, Tabay’s Mindful Kitchen, to the beautiful island of Maui, Hawaii.

Plant-Based Comfort Food Since 2022

Known for skillfully crafting plant-based renditions of fast-food favorites and comfort food classics, Tabay’s Mindful Kitchen has garnered a diverse following, appealing to both vegans and non-vegans. Atkins now aims to delight Maui’s locals and visitors with his innovative and mouthwatering plant-based offerings.

Tabay's Mindful Kitchen

Chef Tabay Atkins Courtesy of Tabay’s Mindful Kitchen

Bringing Dreams to Life: From Concept to Reality

Atkins said, “My family has been coming to Maui for generations! Having split my time living between Maui and Orange County for the last five years, I’ve become deeply connected to the island and its people. Noticing the limited vegan options available here, I felt strongly inclined to change things up when a prime location became available. I knew it was time to bring my food truck here!”

Embracing Maui as their new full-time home, Atkins and his mom, Sahel, have dedicated the past year trying to make this dream a reality—at one point, almost opening a brick-and-mortar restaurant before deciding that the food truck’s unique charm was the perfect medium for their culinary art. Tabay’s Mindful Kitchen is set to open its windows on June 1 at the bustling OGG Food Truck Pod, conveniently located across from Costco in Kahului.

Tabay's Mindful Kitchen

Vegan Soft Serve Courtesy of Tabay’s Mindful Kitchen

Innovative Flavors, Local Inspirations: A Taste of Hawaii

The truck will continue to feature fan favorites like the delicious Mexican Pizza and the innovative Persian Burger, alongside new creations inspired by local Hawaiian cuisine—reimagined, of course, through Atkins’ vegan lens. One such delight includes a vegan twist on the beloved Loco Moco, promising to become an instant sensation.

For more information, visit TabaysMindfulKitchen.com.

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