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See the article the top 11 vegan-friendly mlb baseball stadiums

The Top 11 Vegan-Friendly MLB Baseball Stadiums

While vegan-friendly options might have been limited to peanuts and Cracker Jack in years past, America’s baseball stadiums are upping their plant-based game—and we’re here for it! From Beyond Meat burgers to sriracha brats, you can be sure to stay fueled while you root for your favorite team. Here are the 11 most vegan-friendly baseball stadiums across the US!

Kayla Pasko
Vegan-Friendly Baseball Stadiums
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See the article 6 vegan-friendly meal delivery services to try this year

6 Vegan-Friendly Meal Delivery Services to Try This Year

Take the guesswork out of dinnertime with vegan-friendly meal delivery services. They provide fresh plant-based ingredients straight to your door, as well as instructions on how to prepare them, so you can have something fresh and new to eat every day. Here are the meal delivery companies we are loving!

Kayla Pasko
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See the article 9 spots for vegan noodles in nyc

9 Spots for Vegan Noodles in NYC

NYC is known for having delicious food, and noodles are no exception. But where to order plant-based noodles, you might ask? Well, we’ve got your answers! We found nine vegan-friendly spots that are open and ready to send the noods to you. Here are some of our favorite restaurants for ramen, soba, and more.

Kayla Pasko
Food & Drink New York
See the article this 12-minute risotto makes the perfect quick and easy healthy dinner

This 12-Minute Risotto Makes the Perfect Quick and Easy Healthy Dinner

Say buongiorno to creamy (and dairy-free!) risotto!

Tanya Flink
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See the article the 14 best vegan protein powders

The 14 Best Vegan Protein Powders

Here’s a list of our favorite vegan protein powders! Ah yes, the age-old question of “where do vegans get protein?” *eye roll* Well, aside from legumes, grains, vegetables, nuts, and seeds, there are plenty of plant-based protein powders that provide us veggie-lovers with the nutrients we need! Whether you’re hitting the gym 25/8, or just looking for a bit more energy for your at-home workday, these products are great to supplement with!

Allie Mitchell
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See the article 10 vegan chocolate bars you need to try

10 Vegan Chocolate Bars You Need to Try

They say that money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy chocolate! As far as we’re concerned, that’s pretty close. After all, who doesn’t love a good ole chocolate bar? The beauty of chocolate is that no matter your preference, there’s an option for everyone. Check out this list of our favorite picks from “milk” to dark and everything in between. Here are 10 vegan chocolate bars you need to try!

Ari Somerfield Ari Somerfield
Food & Drink
See the article 9 vegan breakfast sausages to start your morning right

9 Vegan Breakfast Sausages to Start Your Morning Right

No homemade weekend brunch is complete without one of these vegan breakfast sausages. Whether you’re wrapping some scrambled tofu and home fries into a flour tortilla, cooking up that veganized version of biscuits and gravy, or thawing a frozen JUST Egg Folded, you’re going to want some plant-based patties, links, or soyrizo to complete the meal. Here’s our list of top 9 breakfast sausages to start your day.

Tammie Ortlieb
Food & Drink

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See the article the 10 hottest vegan pop-up restaurants nationwide

The 10 Hottest Vegan Pop-Up Restaurants Nationwide

Your votes have been tallied for the 2021 VegOut Awards, and we’ve rounded up the official results in the “Best Pop-Ups Nationwide” category. These 10 spots are worth following, tracking down, setting reminders in your calendar, and rallying behind at vegan festivals. So without further ado, here are your favorite pop-ups for 2021!

Melissa Nowakowski
Cena Vegan
Food & Drink
See the article 9 healthier alternatives to potato chips

9 Healthier Alternatives to Potato Chips

It’s 3pm and you’re feeling snackish. Sure, you could reach for that bag of chips like you always do, or you could switch up your grazing routine and opt for an inventive swap made from crunchy corn, seasoned chickpeas, crispy green beans, or ancient grains instead. If you’re ready for a change, level up your snacktime with these nine tasty chip alternatives.

Anja Grommons Anja Grommons
Food & Drink
See the article 10 vegan tiktok accounts you need to follow

10 Vegan TikTok Accounts You Need to Follow

It’s no secret that TikTok has completely taken over the digital space. With a huge variety of different niches and creators, you’re bound to stumble upon something you like. Whether you’re looking for recipe inspiration, lifestyle advice, or quick and easy vegan hacks, TikTok has all your plant-based needs covered—and to prove it, we’ve compiled a list of the top ten TikTok accounts you need to follow. Seriously, these accounts just might change your life.

Natalie Brown Natalie Brown
Food & Drink
See the article the 11 best vegan bakeries in america

The 11 Best Vegan Bakeries in America

Long gone are the days of seeking out stray vegan options at non-vegan cafés. Today, animal-free bakeries are common all over the country—from Los Angeles to New York City and quite a few places in between. You all voted for the best vegan bakeries in the nation during our 2021 VegOut Awards, and these eleven sweet shops reigned supreme for their divine cupcakes, pastries, and other sugary confections.

Tanya Flink
Best Vegan Bakeries
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See the article 11 best vegan brunch spots in los angeles

11 Best Vegan Brunch Spots in Los Angeles

Nothing screams “Los Angeles” more than an epic vegan brunch spread. C’mon, what’s more satisfying than biting into a tall stack of pancakes with a mimosa to wash it all down? Absolutely nothing. If you agree with us, check out this list of our favorite all-vegan brunch-serving restaurants in LA!

Allie Mitchell
Pura Vita
Food & Drink Los Angeles
See the article 18 oat milk brands to try

18 Oat Milk Brands to Try

From enjoying in or alongside cereal and cookies to lattes and savory dishes, oat milk is our new non-dairy go-to. Who knew that these humble, little grains could transform into such a popular beverage? With a creamy mouthfeel and hint of natural sweetness, it makes perfect sense. Choose your new favorite oat milk variety from our list below.

Anja Grommons Anja Grommons
Food & Drink
See the article 10 vegan restaurants to try in houston, tx

10 Vegan Restaurants to Try In Houston, TX

The chic and urban city of Houston offers a wide variety of plant-based restaurants, including eateries that specialize in vegan BBQ, authentic Mexican eats, and Asian-style cuisine, to name a few. Get a taste of Southern comfort with a plate of brisket mac ‘n’ cheese, or chow down on a breakfast burrito to start the day right. No matter what you’re in the mood for, Houston’s vegan eateries have you covered! Here are 10 vegan restaurants to try when you’re exploring Houston, TX!

Kayla Pasko
Lindiana’s Southern Vegan Kitchen
Food & Drink
See the article 6 southeast asian vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants in america

6 Southeast Asian Vegan and Vegan-Friendly Restaurants In America

It’s no secret that Southeast Asian dining is very community oriented—from the way the food is prepared to how it is eaten. With a great love for stir-frying and savory vegetables, we’ve compiled a list of restaurants that you need to try out if you’re looking for a transformative dining experience. While these spots differ in offering a la carte style and authentic family-style dining experiences, the bold flavors and nostalgia of Southeast Asian-style cooking are sure to delight everyone in your party when you go to these vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants!

Natalie Brown Natalie Brown
Southeast Asian Vegan Restaurants
Food & Drink
See the article 7 vegan mayo brands that taste better than the real thing

7 Vegan Mayo Brands That Taste Better Than the Real Thing

For vegan BLTs and mashed chickpea salads, having a good plant-based mayo on hand is key. And with the variety of creamy vegan spreads available, there’s no reason to reach for the egg-based dressings again. Check out our list of seven vegan mayonnaise options to try out next.

Anja Grommons Anja Grommons
Food & Drink
See the article 13 store-bought vegan yogurt brands we love

13 Store-Bought Vegan Yogurt Brands We Love

Ditching dairy doesn’t mean you have to give up yogurt as a delicious and healthy snack. In 2021, it has never been easier to find a dairy-free yogurt in your favorite flavor, so all you have to do is make a simple swap. To help our already plant-based friends, along with those who just want to reduce their dairy consumption, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite dairy-free yogurts! Try them out and let us know what you think.

Chelsea Wilkins
Food & Drink
See the article 10 vegan seafood brands to check out

10 Vegan Seafood Brands to Check Out

With fish sticks, crab cakes, shrimp, tuna, and even caviar available in a vegan version, there’s no excuse for not going vegan because you’ll miss fish. Read on to discover a multitude of brands that offer plant-based seafood products that taste like, cook like, and share the same textures as their traditional counterparts.

Symphony Barnes
Food & Drink
See the article new online vegan marketplace vejii delivers the best plant-based brands to your doorstep

New Online Vegan Marketplace Vejii Delivers the Best Plant-Based Brands to Your Doorstep

Meet Vejii, the new all-vegan virtual marketplace! Vejii allows you to shop an extensive plant-based inventory from the comfort of your own home and have products delivered to your door in a timely manner, totally contact-free. It’s a win-win for busy professionals and PJs-all-day individuals alike.

Anja Grommons Anja Grommons
Food & Drink
See the article 10 eco-friendly restaurants in america

10 Eco-Friendly Restaurants in America

You know we love any restaurant that provides stellar vegan options. This Earth Day, though, we want to focus on restaurants around the country that go above and beyond when it comes to doing good for the environment. From sourcing local, regeneratively farmed ingredients, to powering the restaurant with renewable energy, here are some eco-conscious spots we think you should have on your radar.

Chelsea Wilkins
The Root Cafe
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