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See the article 10 gluten-free vegan snacks that’ll satisfy your cravings

10 Gluten-Free Vegan Snacks That’ll Satisfy Your Cravings

From dips and chips to popcorn and protein bars, these brands have you covered for your gluten-free snacking needs.

Tammie Ortlieb Tammie Ortlieb
Love Corn
Food & Drink
See the article where to find vegan asian cuisine in denver

Where to Find Vegan Asian Cuisine in Denver

Wondering where to find vegan Asian cuisine in Denver? The metro area offers several super tasty options, such as City O’ City with their udon noodle bowl and V Revolution with plant-based dumplings. Just like the population, the vegan community is rapidly growing, and Denver’s restaurant scene has answered the call. Check out our list of top spots to find vegan Asian cuisine in Denver.

Mikel-Claire Mikel-Claire Penick
Vegan Asian Cuisine in Denver
Food & Drink
See the article the 10 best vegan simmer sauce brands

The 10 Best Vegan Simmer Sauce Brands

These convenient simmer sauces were made for quick and easy plant-based cooking.

Anja Grommons Anja Grommons
Simply Organic Simmer Sauce
Food & Drink
See the article 6 store-bought vegan bacon brands to buy

6 Store-Bought Vegan Bacon Brands to Buy

Move over omelets and avo toast, there’s a new bacon in town!

Tammie Ortlieb Tammie Ortlieb
Hooray Foods
Food & Drink
See the article how to eat vegan at dunkin’

How to Eat Vegan at Dunkin’

Looking to spice up your early morning coffee run? From the Beyond Sausage Breakfast Sandwich to the signature Dunkin’ Refreshers, Dunkin’ has some delicious vegan options for you to try!

Natalie Brown Natalie Brown
Food & Drink
See the article 11 vegan ice cream brands that ship nationwide

11 Vegan Ice Cream Brands That Ship Nationwide

Dreaming of endless bowls of delicious vegan ice cream, but don’t live near a vegan ice cream shop or store that sells plant-based pints? With these 11 vegan ice cream brands that ship nationwide, you can stay in and enjoy an ice cream sundae while watching your favorite vegan documentary or order up a selection of flavors to send to friends and family as a special surprise. These brands ship vegan pints, cones, and sammies straight to your door!

Mohini Patel Mohini Patel
Food & Drink
See the article 11 spots for vegan ice cream in chicago

11 Spots for Vegan Ice Cream in Chicago

We found vegan and vegan-friendly ice cream shops across Chicago!

Mohini Patel Mohini Patel
George's Ice Cream
Food & Drink Chicago

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See the article 10 best places for vegan burgers in metro detroit

10 Best Places for Vegan Burgers in Metro Detroit

Check out this lineup of the 10 best places to find delicious vegan burgers in Metro Detroit.

Rebecca Gade Sawicki Rebecca Gade Sawicki
UnBurger Grill
Food & Drink Detroit
See the article where to find beyond chicken tenders nationwide

Where to Find Beyond Chicken Tenders Nationwide

Looking to get your hands on Beyond Meat’s latest plant-based meat product? Check out the list below of nationwide chains and stand-alone restaurants that are cooking them up!

Natalie Brown Natalie Brown
Beyond Chicken Tenders
Food & Drink
See the article how to make lizzo’s vegan tiktok recipes

How to Make Lizzo’s Vegan TikTok Recipes

From her Southern Fried Chicken & Gravy to her Cheddar Jalapeno Pigs in a Blanket, Lizzo is gaining viral status for sharing her vegan recipes with the TikTok world.

Tammie Ortlieb Tammie Ortlieb
Food & Drink
See the article these cannabis-infused vegan fruit leathers are the perfect way to chill out this summer

These Cannabis-Infused Vegan Fruit Leathers Are The Perfect Way to Chill Out This Summer

Remember those chewy, slightly sticky dehydrated fruit leathers your parents packed you for lunch? They’re not just for kids—especially when they come from Fruit Slabs. This plant-based edibles company is making fruit snacks infused with THC and CBD.

Tanya Flink
Fruit Slabs
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See the article 5 airlines that offer the best vegan inflight experience

5 Airlines That Offer the Best Vegan Inflight Experience

You’ve waited for this, and finally the time is here to pack up that suitcase and schedule your vegan-friendly flight!

Ari Somerfield Ari Somerfield
Food & Drink
See the article our favorite vegan liquor brands

Our Favorite Vegan Liquor Brands

Ready to get your vegan happy hour on with a memorable cocktail? We’ve got you covered. While some alcoholic beverages contain animal byproducts, there are plenty of cruelty-free adult drinks to sip and enjoy. Check out these nine vegan liquor brands perfect for your next nightcap and boozy brunch alike.

Anja Grommons Anja Grommons
Food & Drink
See the article celebrate world chocolate day with nib mor

Celebrate World Chocolate Day With nib mor

Find this organic, better-for-you vegan chocolate brand at Sprouts, Wegmans, and The Fresh Market and get celebrating!

Anja Grommons Anja Grommons
nib mor
Sponsored Food & Drink
See the article where to find the best vegan sandwiches in metro detroit

Where to Find the Best Vegan Sandwiches in Metro Detroit

Check out this lineup of the best places to find delicious vegan sandwiches in Metro Detroit.

Rebecca Gade Sawicki Rebecca Gade Sawicki
Street Beet Detroit
Food & Drink Detroit
See the article 8 spots for vegan doughnuts in nyc

8 Spots for Vegan Doughnuts in NYC

From peach fritters to classic vanilla doughnuts with sprinkles, these vegan and vegan-friendly NYC bakeries have something for everyone.

Kayla Pasko
Dun-Well Doughnuts
Food & Drink New York
See the article we’re adding these real-food, plant-based powders to our summer smoothies

We’re Adding These Real-Food, Plant-Based Powders to Our Summer Smoothies

Boost your beverages this summer with these plant-based, whole food powders!

Kayla Pasko
Sponsored Food & Drink
See the article here’s where you can order omnipork dishes in los angeles

Here’s Where You Can Order OmniPork Dishes in Los Angeles

The newly launched vegan pork line, OmniPork, is now being served at restaurants and pop-ups across Los Angeles in a wide range of delicious dishes. Here’s where you can find it!

Allie Mitchell
Genghis Cohen
Food & Drink Los Angeles
See the article 12 store-bought vegan cream cheese brands that will up your bagel game

12 Store-Bought Vegan Cream Cheese Brands That Will up Your Bagel Game

Sure, we love topping our bagels with mashed avocado or hummus, but sometimes nothing quite does the trick like cream cheese. From herbed varieties to smoky vegan salmon flavors, plant-based cream cheese is never void of flavor. Here are 12 vegan cream cheese brands you need to try!

Anja Grommons Anja Grommons
Food & Drink
See the article 10 vegan recipes perfect for your fourth of july party

10 Vegan Recipes Perfect for Your Fourth of July Party

America’s favorite holiday is almost upon us and to make sure you’re ready, we’ve rounded up some of the tastiest plant-based recipes for your Fourth of July BBQ.

Natalie Brown Natalie Brown
Minimalist Baker
Food & Drink


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