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UnchainedTV Premieres New Show ‘Kale Krew’ Celebrating Chicago’s Vegan Scene

Join Nemanja Golubovic and Tamika Price as they highlight some of Chicago's best vegan restaurants.

Kale Krew

Courtesy of Kale Krew

Join Nemanja Golubovic and Tamika Price as they highlight some of Chicago's best vegan restaurants.

Launched May 3, UnchainedTV introduces its latest culinary show, Kale Krew, hosted by Nemanja Golubovic, CEO of Kale My Name, and Tamika Price, founder of Plant Based Tamika. Together, they explore the thriving vegan food scene of Chicago, showcasing its most innovative and beloved plant-based restaurants.

President of UnchainedTV, Jane Velez-Mitchell, said, “UnchainedTV is thrilled to be launching this high-energy, plant-based TV series starring two of America’s most entertaining vegan influencers! Nemanja and Tamika are living proof that plant-based is the most fun and fabulous lifestyle on the planet, with delicious, guilt-free, sustainable dishes galore. You will laugh as you learn to love it.”

Featured Chicago Vegan Restaurants

Highlighted in the series are renowned establishments like Kale My Name, offering comforting vegan fare, and Can’t Believe It’s Not Meat, known for its seasonal alt-protein delights. Spirit Elephant restaurant and Alice and Friends Vegan Kitchen also take the spotlight, promising a diverse culinary experience for viewers.

The journey kicks off at PlantX Marketplace, a haven boasting six exceptional vegan eateries, including 2D Restaurant, El Hongo Magico, and Veganiano, alongside a full-service bar and plant-based supermarket.

Kale Krew

Nemanja Golubovic and Tamika Price Courtesy of Kale Krew

The Hosts of Kale Krew: Nemanja Golubovic and Tamika Price

Kale Krew celebrates Chicago’s diverse vegan landscape, delving into the unique flavors, culinary traditions, and inspiring stories behind the city’s plant-based dining revolution.

Golubovic said, “Kale Krew is a natural extension of my work, highlighting the delicious, exciting, and diverse world of veganism. When UnchainedTV approached me with this amazing opportunity, I instantly agreed, but I knew I wanted a co-host. Doing a Chicago-based vegan food TV show without my dear friend Tamika just didn’t make sense, so I’m grateful she accepted. Our energies complement each other perfectly, and I can’t wait for everyone else to watch it!”

Price added, “This new show is a manifestation of what Nemanja and I always talked about! We knew we wanted to show the vegan lifestyle and cuisine with the world. Partnering with UnchainedTV is such an awesome fit!”

Watch Kale Krew Now

Tune in to Kale Krew on UnchainedTV.com for an insider’s look at Chicago’s vibrant vegan community, inspiring viewers to embrace plant-based dining and celebrate the joys of vegan living in the Windy City.

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