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14 Spots for Vegan Bagels in NYC

From bakeries to bodegas, these New York shops offer vegan bagels and dairy-free cream cheese!

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Courtesy of Smith Street Bagels

From bakeries to bodegas, these New York shops offer vegan bagels and dairy-free cream cheese!

Enjoying a vegan bagel in New York is an iconic, quintessential moment—a right of passage, if you will. From plant-based coffee shops and vegan-friendly bodegas to inclusive landmarks in the world of New York bagels, seems there’s a place to grab a bagel on every corner. While we want to be mindful of the bagel companies that use honey and specialize in egg-based bagels, finding plant-based choices in The Big Apple is easier than ever! For some classic brekkie inspo, check out our list of 14 spots for vegan bagels in NYC.

Orchard Grocer

Lower East Side

When it comes to vegan New York bagels, we hit the jackpot with Orchard Grocer. Not only does this all-vegan deli offer vegan bagel and cream cheese combos, Orchard Grocer features several brunch sandwiches to order on repeat.

People holding bagel sandwiches from Orchard Grocer

Photo by Jasmine Briones

Familiars Vegan Coffee Shop

Bedford Stuyvesant

For a sit-down cup of joe and an IG-worthy bagel sandwich, head to Familiars Vegan Coffee Shop. Plant-based diners can also enjoy cruelty-free baked goods like vegan donuts. Yep—they’ve got it all!

Person holding bagel sandwich from Familiars Vegan Coffee Shop

Courtesy of Familiars Vegan Coffee Shop


Multiple Locations

Plantega’s plant-based deli model is bringing vegan eats to bodegas across the city. Menu options include all-day vegan brekkie sandwiches including the Loaded Cream Cheese Bagel featuring WayFare spread and a variety of veggies on an Everything bagel.

Person holding bagel sandwich from Plantega

Photo by Amanda Appelson

Liberty Bagels

Multiple Locations


Since entering the bagel business in 1995, Liberty Bagels knows how to prepare a good breakfast! This mainstay features a variety of vegan-friendly bagels (just skip the Egg and Egg Everything varieties). Don’t skimp on the vegan cream cheese and hummus spreads.

Photo of person holding bagel from Liberty Bagels

Courtesy of Liberty Bagels

Tompkins Square Bagels

Multiple Locations

ICYMI: Bagels from Tompkins Square are boiled with barley malt instead of honey, making vegan bagel selection a breeze. Customize your order with a tasty tofu-based spread, vegan butter, or Beyond Meat Sausage. This bagel shop also offers fresh-baked vegan cookies!

Person holding bagel sandwich from Tompkins Square Bagels

Photo by Chris Petrellese

Zucker’s Bagels & Smoked Fish

Multiple Locations


While not all bagels are vegan, Zucker’s Bagels carries Little Northern Bakehouse Bagels in Plain and Everything varieties which are both vegan and gluten-free. Top them with a tasty tofu spread, sunflower cream cheese, or hummus.

Bagel on wrapping from Zucker’s Bagels & Smoked Fish

Photo by Hannah Lella




With two locations in Brooklyn, Bagelsmith is coming at us with a ton of vegan-friendly bagels and tofu-based cream cheese spreads. Winning! Plus, this eatery offers several vegan bagel sandwiches loaded with avocado, veggie burgers, and hummus.

Person holding bagel sandwich from Bagelsmith

Photo by Maya FB

Pick A Bagel

Upper East Side & Midtown West


An Everything bagel with tofu scallion cream cheese and cucumber is our go-to order at Pick A Bagel. This NY bagel joint has many vegan-friendly bagels and delicious tofu spreads to pair them with. Diners can round out their order with a fruit smoothie on the side.

Person holding bagel sandwich from Pick A Bagel

Photo by Meagan Smith

Smith Street Bagels

Cobble Hill


Come and get your hand-rolled bagels at Smith Street Bagels in Brooklyn. Choose from a variety of vegan bagel and cream cheese combinations. The Veggie Tofu Spread on a Sesame Bagel is our go-to! But don’t take our word for it—try them all!

Two bagels on cutting board from Smith Street Bagels

Courtesy of Smith Street Bagels

Greenberg’s Bagels

Bedford Stuyvesant


When in Bed Stuy, head to Greenberg’s Bagels! Sure, this brekkie joint features bagels, dairy-free cream cheese, and plant-based butter, but that’s not all. GB also features sandwiches with plant-based bacon, JUST Egg, and vegan lox.

Person holding bagel sandwich from Greenberg's Bagels

Photo by Calvin Chan

Bo’s Bagels



So, you’ve made it to Bo’s Bagels. We recommend opting for the Uptown Vegan sandwich featuring the brand’s coveted Za’atar Bagel. If you want a classic New York bagel experience, go for a tofu spread and bagel combination, but order it untoasted per the store’s recommendation.

Bagel from Bo’s Bagels on table

Courtesy of Bo’s Bagels


Midtown East


Established in 1976, Ess-a-Bagel knows good bagels! Pair your bagel of choice with one of the many Tofutti spreads. Vegan cream cheese varieties include Herb, Raisin Walnut, and Sun-Dried Tomato, to name a few! Take your eats to go and walk the block to Greenacre Park.

Bagel from Ess-a-Bagel on wrapper

Courtesy of Ess-a-Bagel

Murray’s Bagels

Greenwich Village


We love the vegan-friendly options at Murray’s Bagels, and the Spinach Dill Tofu Spread keeps us coming back for more. This NYC bagel joint offers a variety of vegan bagels, tofu spreads, mashed avocado, egg-free tofu salad, hummus, and beyond! You won’t regret visiting.

Bagel on wrapping from Murray's Bagels

Courtesy of Murray’s Bagels

Brooklyn Bagel and Coffee Company

Multiple Locations


Ready for the New York bagel experience? Head to Brooklyn Bagel and Coffee Company. With many vegan-friendly bagels and tofu spreads, narrowing down your order can be a challenge! No matter your choice, order some squeezed-to-order OJ with your meal.

Person holding bagel sandwich from Brooklyn Bagel and Coffee Company

Photo by Zoe Does Vegan

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Anja Grommons


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