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22 Store-Bought Vegan Chicken Brands We Love

Find these plant-based poultry products at your favorite grocery stores.

Person holding Alpha sandwich with packaging in the background
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Courtesy of Alpha

Find these plant-based poultry products at your favorite grocery stores.

From nuggets and wings to patties and tenders, the plant-based poultry choices are endless! These tasty proteins are so versatile, and the best part is that no animals are harmed. Whether you’re looking for a meat-free chicken product to add to your pasta, tacos, or stir-fries, check out our list of the best store-bought vegan chicken brands.

Better Chew

Better Chew knows good vegan chicken! And its mission to bring tasty, plant-based choices to the masses sets this Black-owned brand apart. We love the brand’s shreds, patties, nuggets, and extra-crispy pieces. Can you blame us?

Kreg Sterns holding Better Chew in grocery store

Photo by Kreg Sterns


A classic in the world of vegan protein, Gardein is bringing the plant-based chicken to your dinner table! From Ultimate Nuggets and Nashville Hot Tenders to Seasoned Scallopini and Chick’n Sliders, the options are endless!

Chick'n Sandwich with fries and packaging of Gardein in the background

Courtesy of Gardein

Jack & Annie’s

For tenders, patties, and nuggets, Jack & Annie’s is your new meat-free poultry brand. If you can believe it, these products are made with jackfruit! This store-bought vegan chicken brand also offers plant-based breakfast sausages and meatballs.

Jack & Annie's in bag with vegetables surrounding

Courtesy of Jack & Annie’s

Beyond Meat

Beyond Meat’s lineup of store-bought vegan chicken is poppin’ off with tenders, nuggets, and popcorn chicken! With faba beans at the top of the ingredients list, these plant-based chicken products are super rich in protein!

Kreg Sterns holding Beyond Popcorn Chicken in grocery store

Photo by Kreg Sterns


This longtime vegan food brand isn’t just running the vegan lunch meat game. Tofurky has several plant-based chicken products to enjoy, too. The versatile Tofurky Plant-Based Chick’n can be found in a variety of flavors with the sesame garlic being our fave!

Tofurky used in dish with box next to it

Courtesy of Tofurky

Impossible Foods

We see your Impossible Foods burger, and we raise you Impossible Foods chicken! Find tenders, spicy nuggets, patties, and animal-shaped Wild Nuggies at a grocery store near you. We love this store-bought vegan chicken brand!

Impossible packages in freezer

Courtesy of Impossible

Daring Foods

Available in original, Cajun, lemon & herb, teriyaki, and breaded varieties, these vegan chicken products are delicious and versatile. Add Daring Foods Plant Chicken Pieces to your next grocery list—you won’t regret it!

Daring package surrounded by veggies

Courtesy of Daring

Field Roast

Are you hosting a plant-based party? Whether it’s a party of one or a packed house, head to the freezer section and stock up on Field Roast Plant-Based Nuggets and Buffalo Wings. Your guests will be obsessed!

Packaging of Field Roast and sauces

Courtesy of Field Roast

Alpha Foods

In addition to plant-based burritos, Alpha Foods also offers craveable plant-based nuggets. This store-bought vegan chicken brand features Original and Sizzlin’ Spicy Chik’n nuggets. Dip them, stuff them into wraps, or add them to salads!

Alpha packaging with person holding chick'n sandwich

Courtesy of Alpha


Move over tempeh, we’re checking out Lightlife store-bought vegan chicken products! This vegan brand has the hookup on both breaded and unbreaded poultry selections. With filets, tenders, strips, and breasts, there’s something for every meal!

Lightlife packaging with meal on tray

Courtesy of Lightlife


Coming straight from the original recipe, it’s Vegan Fried Chicken! If you have yet to try VFC, here is your sign! Find VFC store-bought vegan chicken filets, tenders, and popcorn varieties. Thanks, Colonel, VFC is taking it from here!

Person holding box of VFC

Photo by Clare Francesca


Nowadays Original Plant-Based Nuggets are one of our favorite ways to get down with store-bought vegan chicken. And these soy-free nuggets are made from peas! This is the chicken of the future!

Person holding shopping cart with Nowadays packages

Courtesy of Nowadays

Abbot’s Butcher

You’ve got to try the Premium Vegan Chick’n from Abbot’s Butcher! Add it to nachos, pasta, and so much more—it’s so easy to use! Be sure to scope out the rest of the plant-based meat selections from this vegan butcher!

Package of Abbot's Butcher with plant-based meat in skillet

Courtesy of Abbot’s Butcher

Meati Foods

Believe it or not, this vegan chicken product is made from mycelium, aka mushroom roots! That’s right, these delicious Meati Foods Cutlets, which are available in classic and crispy varieties, are totally meat-free! We love to see it.

Person grabbing Meati packaging from freezer

Courtesy of Meati

Sol Cuisine

Wings, tenders, and bites, oh my! Sol Cuisine is leveling up the way we enjoy plant-based appetizers! We love snacking on these store-bought vegan chicken products as well as adding them to tacos, rolls, waffles, and beyond.

Sol Cuisine packaging surrounded by food

Courtesy of Sol Cuisine



The big brands are really coming through with the vegan options! The Tyson Plant-Based Nuggets have us shook! These fully cooked nuggets are made with wheat and soy plus various seasonings, making them taste even better than traditional chicken nuggets.

Kreg Sterns holding Tyson plant-based chick'n

Photo by Kreg Sterns

MorningStar Farms


Longtime meat-free brand MorningStar Farms has the hookup on vegan chik’n nuggets and patties. Additionally, the brand’s Incogmeato line adds an impressive vegan chicken lineup ranging from Mickey Mouse-shaped nuggets to chicken & waffle breakfast sandwiches.

MorningStar Farms bag with dish on plate

Courtesy of MorningStar Farms



A classic in the plant-based food space, BOCA is another great store-bought vegan chicken brand. Find patties in original and spicy varieties along with crave-worthy and dippable chik’n nuggets. Don’t mind if we do!

BOCA packaging with chick'n sandwich

Photo by TheBakingFairy

Sweet Earth


This vegan-friendly brand offers versatile chik’n strips and shreds. Perfect for tacos, salads, and casseroles, be sure to check out these Sweet Earth vegan poultry offerings! We can’t get enough of these!

Sweet Earth package with food surrounding

Courtesy of Sweet Earth

Dr. Praeger’s


This longtime freezer brand didn’t skimp on the store-bought vegan chicken products! In addition to crave-worthy nuggets and tenders, Dr. Praeger’s also offers General Tso’s Chick’n and a Chick’n, Spinach, & Pesto Burger to take a bite out of!

Kreg Sterns holding package of Dr. Praegers

Photo by Kreg Sterns



While not all Quorn products are vegan, the meatless brand does offer a nice selection of vegan-friendly chicken choices. Think Spicy ChiQin Patties, Diced ChiQin Pieces, ChiQin Fillets, and Pineapple Chipotle ChiQin Dippers.

Quorn chick'n stacked

Courtesy of Quorn

Yummy Dino Buddies


For the kids and kids at heart, we present Yummy Dino Buddies. These dinosaur-shaped nuggets are fun, delicious, and seriously dippable! Grab your favorite condiment and enjoy! We see you snagging that vegan ranch!

Allie Mitchell holding Yummy Dino Buddies

Photo by Allie Mitchell

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