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The 9 Best Frozen Vegan Chicken Wing Brands

Plant-based poultry FTW! Find these vegan chicken bites in a variety of traditional wing flavors.

Jack & Annie's
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Courtesy of Jack & Annie's

Plant-based poultry FTW! Find these vegan chicken bites in a variety of traditional wing flavors.

If you’ve ever craved plant-based bar food in the comfort of your own home, it’s time to wing it! Finger-lickin’ plant-based chicken wings, that is! From crispy boneless wings to saucy bone-in drumsticks, we’ve got your appetite for plant-based chicken covered! Get ready to crush those appetizer cravings with the nine best frozen vegan chicken wing brands!

Blackbird Wings

This vegan pizza brand is adding frozen vegan chicken wings to its impressive plant-based resume. Picture biting into a crispy, hand-battered, and cruelty-free wing. We bet you can’t wait to get your hands on these! Find Blackbird Wings in Classic Buffalo and Korean BBQ flavors. While we love eating these as-is, they make great additions to plant-based wraps and loaded salads.


Courtesy of Blackbird

Gardein Chick’n Wings

Get the vegan ranch! These gluten-free, frozen vegan chicken wings from Gardein were meant to be dipped and dunked. Find Gardein Chick’n Wings in both Buffalo and BBQ preparations. But don’t stop there, this fully vegan brand is your one-stop shop for all things plant-based poultry. From tenders and scallopini to cutlets and patties, Gardein will have you feeling like a winner winner chick’n dinner.


Photo by The Vegan Foodie Eats

BeLeaf Drumsticks

In addition to the innovative vegan seafood offerings, BeLeaf has mastered the meatless drummy. And we cannot BeLeaf it. While we love the easy-to-eat boneless wings, this one uses sugarcane skewers to resemble bone-in varieties. Bone-in frozen vegan chicken wings? Yep, welcome to the year 3000! These BeLeaf Drumsticks pair well with a variety of vegan sauces.


Courtesy of BeLeaf

Sol Cuisine Hot & Spicy Chik’n Wings

These frozen vegan chicken wings are packing a little kick! But by “a little kick,” we mean a ton of amazing flavor. Not only are the Sol Cuisine Hot & Spicy Chick’n Wings flavored so well, but the crispy breading is the icing on the vegan cake. Additionally, this plant-based brand also offers two cauliflower wing varieties to enjoy when you’re craving some at-home bar food.

Sol Cuisine

Courtesy of Sol Cuisine

Jack & Annie’s Buffalo Wings

Would you believe us if we told you that the first ingredient in these frozen vegan chicken wings was a tropical fruit? Well, you better believe it. The Jack & Annie’s Buffalo Wings are made from jackfruit. But, don’t assume they taste sweet. These chicken bites are spicy, savory, and seriously stunning. It’s time to dig in!

Jack & Annie's

Courtesy of Jack & Annie’s

Field Roast Buffalo Wings

Sold among nuggets, miniature corn dogs, and other nostalgic snacks, Field Roast also has the hookup on frozen vegan chicken wings. And these Field Roast Buffalo Wings are so good! We just can’t get enough. Currently, we love recreating that restaurant atmosphere by serving these chicken bites with carrots, celery sticks, and all the dipping sauces.

Field Roast

Courtesy of Field Roast

All Vegetarian Vegan Smoked Drumsticks

Featuring a realistic signature sugarcane bone, The All Vegetarian Vegan Smoked Drumsticks resemble actual chicken wings. But of course, the frozen vegan chicken wings from All Vegetarian are totally cruelty-free. Toss these with your favorite plant-based honey mustard, BBQ, or Buffalo sauces for the full bone-in drumstick feel. Throw on some sports, and you’re in business.

All Vegetarian

Courtesy of All Vegetarian

MorningStar Farms Veggie Wings


An OG in the world of meatless freezer favorites, of course, we’re loving the Morningstar Veggie Wings. These protein-packed nugs come in Buffalo (Parmesan Garlic Wings contain milk) and will add serious flavor to your appetizer party. While we’re talking appetizers, the vegan-friendly Veggitizer lineup features chorizo bites, taquitos, and popcorn chicken.

MorningStar Farms

Courtesy of MorningStar Farms

Quorn Meatless Chiqin Dippers


We’ve got a real crowd-pleaser here! The Quorn Meatless Chiqin Dippers are an epic dish to serve at game nights and parties. Just build a platter with raw crudites, homemade vegan ranch, and these frozen vegan chicken wings. Vegan Dippers include Buffalo and Pineapple Chipotle varieties. While these products are totally vegan, be mindful when shopping for Quorn products as some contain eggs.


Courtesy of Quorn

Anja Grommons

Anja Grommons


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