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Anja Grommons Anja Grommons Anja Grommons

The Best Vegan Pumpkin Products at Trader Joe’s This Fall

Check out these Trader Joe’s plant-based fall favorites.

It’s that time of year again! Fall is for all things pumpkin. From cookies and chips to oatmeal and hummus, Trader Joe’s is here to help you celebrate the season. And these festive items will have you saying oh my gourd! Check out our list for the best vegan pumpkin products at Trader Joe’s.

Pumpkin Flavored Joe-Joe’s

The creamy sandwich cookies you know and love just got a seasonal makeover. That’s right—Pumpkin Flavored Joe-Joe’s are a thing! Grab a box, or two, and add them to your seasonally inspired pantry courtesy of Trader Joe’s. We love pairing these with a tall glass of oat milk or a hot cup of coffee with pumpkin spice creamer.


Photo credit: @bigboxvegan on Instagram

Pumpkin Bread & Muffin Mix

Fill your home with all the comforting flavors of fall with the Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Bread & Muffin Mix. We can smell it now! While the package states “just add eggs, oil, and water,” we know what to do here, right? Ground flax, chia egg, or commercial vegan egg substitutes will absolutely do the trick.

Bread & Muffin Mix

Photo credit: @bigboxvegan on Instagram

Pumpkin Chocolate Chunk Oatmeal Cookie Mix

These cookies might just be our autumn love language. You need to get in on this Pumpkin Chocolate Chunk Oatmeal Cookie Mix. The container allows you to make a little or a lot—cookies for one or for a whole group. Again, this mix calls for non-vegan ingredients, but veganizing the recipe is a breeze.

Pumpkin Chocolate Chunk Oatmeal Cookie Mix

Photo credit: @bigboxvegan on Instagram

Pecan Pumpkin Instant Oatmeal

Pecan and pumpkin—can you even name a better combo? This tasty breakfast classic is sure to set your fall morning off on the right foot. The Pecan Pumpkin Instant Oatmeal from TJ’s is made with whole grain oats, pecans, and dried pumpkin. We love ours with a pinch of cinnamon and drizzle of vegan cream.


Photo credit: @bigboxvegan on Instagram

Pumpkin Tortilla Chips

We are obsessed with these crunchy, pumpkin-y, seasonally inspired chips! Made with simple ingredients like pumpkin puree, pumpkin seeds, cinnamon, and nutmeg, the Pumpkin Tortilla Chips go well with sweet and savory dips alike. Pepita salsa, anyone? Grab a bag of these tasty autumn snacks for your next fall get-together.

Tortilla Chips

Photo credit: @bigboxvegan on Instagram

Sweet & Savory Lightly Spiced Pumpkin Spread

This one is so versatile—just spread it on toast, slather it on seasonal baked goods, or use it on a spooky charcuterie board made with vegan meats and cheeses. The pumpkin possibilities are endless with this Sweet & Savory Lightly Spiced Pumpkin Spread. Oh, and pumpkin is the first ingredient, which is always a great sign!

Pumpkin Spread

Photo credit: @bigboxvegan on Instagram

Organic Pumpkin Spice Creamy Cashew Cultured Yogurt Alternative

We’re falling for fall with this creamy, seasonal yogurt! Topped with granola or enjoyed on its own, the Organic Pumpkin Spice Creamy Cashew Cultured Yogurt Alternative makes for an epic breakfast or snack. The seasonal flavors are derived from organic pumpkin puree along with warm and cozy spices like cinnamon and nutmeg.


Photo credit: @bigboxvegan on Instagram

Pumpkin Overnight Oats

BRB—stocking our fridge with this one. Trader Joe’s overnight oats are our jam, and the Pumpkin Overnight Oats is no exception. This easy breakfast option is made with rolled oats, pumpkin puree, and the fall spices we love and crave. Grab a spoon and dig into this new pumpkin favorite.

Overnight Oats

Photo credit: @bigboxvegan on Instagram

Pumpkin Spice Hummus

The dessert hummus trend is still going strong and the pumpkin spice flavors wanted in on the goods. The Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Spice Hummus is an absolute snacktime must! Pair this creamy dip with salty pretzels, vegan graham crackers, fresh apple slices, or your favorite plant-based dipper for the perfect bite.

Pumpkin Spice Hummus

Photo credit: @bigboxvegan on Instagram

Organic Pumpkin Spice Granola Bark

Let the gourd times roll with this Organic Pumpkin Spice Granola Bark. Made with dark chocolate, pumpkin puree, crunchy pepitas, and rolled oats, what’s not to love? Put down that PSL and pick up this tasty Trader Joe’s pumpkin snack instead—or keep both as there is no such thing as too much pumpkin.

Granola Bark

Photo credit: @traderjoesgeek on Instagram

Pumpkin Spice Coffee

Whether you’re a black coffee lover or prefer your morning joe with a little cream, you can’t go wrong with Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Spice Coffee. This medium-dark morning brew is made with 100% Brazil Cerrado Arabica beans and spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, vanilla beans, orange peel, and pumpkin spice oil.

Pumpkin Spice Coffee

Photo credit: @traderjoesgeek

Spicy Pumpkin Curry Simmer Sauce

Made with pumpkin puree, coconut cream, and a variety of spices, this Spicy Pumpkin Curry Simmer Sauce is packed with all the tasty flavors of fall. This sauce pairs well with potatoes, tofu, chickpeas, and veggies for super easy, yet delicious, dinners. Be sure to pick up a jar next time you’re at TJ’s.

Pumpkin Curry

Photo credit: dailywaffle.com

Pumpkin Bagels

Made with pumpkin flour and pumpkin pie bits, these bagels are the breakfast of our dreams. We like to pair with vegan cream cheese for that plant-based extra credit. While the traditional Pumpkin Bagels are free from animal ingredients, the gluten-free pumpkin bagels are not vegan at this time.

Pumpkin Bagels

Photo credit: @speculite on Instagram

Pumpkin Spice Rooibos Tea

Perfect for a crisp fall day, the Pumpkin Spice Rooibos Tea from Trader Joe’s makes a warming cuppa. It pairs well with homemade pumpkin baked goods and a good book. Bonus: Not only does this tea taste delicious, the sachets come in a fun, reusable tin to repurpose as you see fit.


Photo credit: ambitiouskitchen.com

Canned Organic Pumpkin

It’s back to the OG basics here, folks, but we can’t possibly leave the Canned Organic Pumpkin off of our list. This shelf-stable fall favorite is perfect for holiday baked goods, fall-inspired soups and stews, and so much more. Keep a few cans on hand and let your creativity run wild.

Pumpkin Body Butter

Ok we know you can’t eat this one, but hey it’s inclusive skincare, and we just love to see it. The Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Body Butter is made with all-vegan ingredients and is totally cruelty-free. This nourishing and luxurious body mousse contains coconut oil, shea butter, and pumpkin seed oil.

Pumpkin Body Butter

Photo credit: @traderjoesnew on Instagram

Anja Grommons


Anja is a plant-based dietitian by day and vegan foodie by night. She offers virtual nutrition coaching for vegan and veg-curious clients. Check out her site for coaching services, recipes, and nutrition tips at vegcentricdietitian.com.

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Anja Grommons

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