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13 Brands for Vegan Kitchenware

Time to restock your kitchen with items from these brands!

Fable serveware on table

Courtesy of Fable

Time to restock your kitchen with items from these brands!

Get ready for our list of 13 essential brands every kitchen needs! From plates and bowls to pots and pans, flatware, and cutlery, these companies have your new go-to faves for whipping up and serving a delicious home-cooked meal. Tie on that apron, preheat your oven, and let’s get cooking.


We’re headed to Fable for their Matte Black Flatware! These forks and spoons side up nicely to the brand’s sleekly designed dinnerware. With pieces built to last, you’ll find everything from salad plates and little plates to pasta bowls, serving platters, carafes, and cups. Choose from Dove Gray, Blush Pink, Beachgrass Green, and more.

Fable kitchenware on table

Courtesy of Fable

Our Place

Dinner doesn’t start until the Mini Home Cook Duo from Our Place walks in! Available in a variety of colors, this set includes the Perfect Pot and the Always Pan. From omelets and pancakes to sauces and soups, these two help craft all of your vegan culinary creations. Our Place also stocks a great supply of additional eco-friendly kitchenware, including tableware, kitchen utensils, and more.

Our Place pots on counter

Courtesy of Our Place


Whether you’re peeling apples, slicing bread, or chopping vegetables, Hast has the built-to-last knife you need. Lightweight, award-winning, and crafted to Japanese artisan design standards, these minimalist knives look downright freaking gorgeous. Regardless if you go with an individual paring knife or a 7-piece set, be sure to pick up the brand’s Ceramic Honing Rod and Tempered Glass Knife Block while you’re there.

Hast knives on counter

Courtesy of Hast


We’re loving the fun designs of the Illustrated Medium Plate Set from EKOBO! This brand has everything you need for your eco-friendly kitchen. Plus, you’ll find the dishes constructed from sustainable materials like bamboo, cork, food-grade silicone, and more. From dinnerware and storage containers to juicers, colanders, and measuring spoons, EKOBO has it all!

EKOBO strainer and pot straining pasta on counter

Courtesy of EKOBO


Zungleboo dishes boast corn and bamboo construction. Eco-friendly kitchenware for the win! With simple design and classic colors, these plates and bowls go from family potluck to backyard BBQ with ease. You can collect in a single color or mix and match for fun. So, grab the granola and a Sora Cereal Bowl—get your day started right!

Zungleboo plates and bowls on table

Courtesy of Zungleboo


Feeling fancy? But also want to be eco-friendly? Pick up a set of wine glasses and a decanter from Newly. Newly’s products are crafted from 100% recycled or repurposed materials. In addition to wine glasses, find cutting boards, flight boards, and more. We feel a cheese and wine night coming on!

Person pouring water into Newly glasses

Courtesy of Newly


These naturally antibacterial cutting boards are not only eco-friendly, they’re downright gorgeous! In a variety of sizes and styles, Fab Slabs also offers charcuterie boards, pizza boards, and condiment bowls. We’re pulling out all the snacks and dips for this family-owned Australian-made product. It’s time to get our nosh on!

Fab Slabs cutting board with limes cut

Courtesy of Fab Slabs

East Fork

We’re loving this craft pottery in shades like Piglet, Butter, and Eggshell. From cups and mugs to plates and bowls, East Fork helps you set the dinner table right. These hefty dishes look nice, feel good, and are great for everyday use. The brand is an Asheville, North Carolina company working with clays from the American Southeast.

East Fork mugs on surface

Courtesy of East Fork


Nothing says it’s time to make vegan soup like a cast iron Dutch oven from Chantal. Available in beautiful colors, this cookware is just what every plant-based kitchen needs. Tea time? They’ve got you covered with a variety of kettles in an assortment of shapes and styles. You’ll also find bakeware, utensils, and more.

Chantal tea kettle on stove with teacup

Courtesy of Chantal


Set the table—dinner’s ready! And Material is here to help. They’ve got ceramic plates and bowls, glassware, and all the utensils, knives, and prepware you need to create and serve your culinary masterpiece. We’re loving the elegant look of these hand-finished ceramic dishes. Made from a natural Korean clay blend, their dinnerware will look great on your table.

Material utensils on kitchen counter

Courtesy of Material


BRB—we’re just over here whipping up a JUST Egg omelet in our new favorite frying pan from Xtrema. This wide-based go-to is perfect for sliding omelets straight from the pan to the plate. We’re loving the lightweight ceramic cookware from this family-owned brand. Find stock pots, woks, Dutch ovens, saucepans, and more.

Xtrema pan on kitchen shelf

Courtesy of Xtrema


The Nama J2 juicer knows how to handle all those good-for-you fruits and veggies! This lean, mean juicing machine produces more juice from each piece of fruit used. So you get less waste and more tasty nutrients! Nama is hands-free and easy to clean, which means you have more time to catch up on the latest print issue of VegOut Magazine!

Nama juicer with fruits inside

Courtesy of Nama


Looking for heirloom-quality cookware? Go with Smithey’s line of cast iron pots and pans. Choose from skillets, griddles, Dutch ovens, and more. And be sure to check out their carbon steel line, which comes available in woks, roasters, and a farmhouse skillet. Yum! We’re imagining a big comfort food-style brunch

Smithey pan on counter

Courtesy of Smithey

At VegOut, we curate the best of the best vegan products, so you don’t have to. Our picks are all selected by our amazing team of writers and editorial staff. We may earn commission if you purchase one of these great products by clicking the links above.

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