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JUST Egg Urges Congress to Take Action Against Climate Change

The plant-based egg brand is calling out climate deniers in Washington, DC.



The plant-based egg brand is calling out climate deniers in Washington, DC.

In honor of Earth Month, JUST Egg is urging Congress to take action against climate change through a multi-platform initiative—and you’re invited to join!

Plant-Based Egg Scrambles, Patties, and Bites

Leading vegan egg brand JUST Egg is known for its realistic tasting plant-based egg scrambles, patties, and bites—complete with sleek packaging and edgy marketing. In addition to making products that taste great, JUST Egg takes pride in its sustainability as a company.

JUST Egg’s Products Use Fewer Greenhouse Gasses, Water, and Land

JUST Egg’s products are made entirely from plants. The main ingredient is mung bean, which is a drought-resistant crop that can be used in regenerative agriculture. Compared to chicken eggs, JUST Egg’s products use significantly fewer greenhouse gasses, water, and land. In fact, the company has now sold the equivalent of 250 million eggs, which has saved 43.6 million kg of CO2e, 9.1 billion gallons of water, and 13,446 acres of land. The brand has also announced plans to move away from using plastic in bottling its scramble. But JUST Egg knows that’s not all it’s going to take to tackle climate change.

JUST Egg’s Earth Month Initiative

This month, JUST Egg is running a campaign urging Congress to take immediate legislative action against climate change and inviting all individuals to take a small step toward sustainability by eating plant-based foods that are better for the planet.

As a part of the campaign, JUST Egg is plastering billboards and posters around Washington, DC calling out those who deny climate change and pushing Congress to do something about the pressing matter. In addition, JUST Egg will be rolling breakfast food trucks through Washington, DC from April 21 to 27, serving vegan bites named after major climate deniers in Congress.

The first sandwich on the menu is Ted Cruz’s Cancun Vacation, which features JUST Egg, vegan pepper jack cheese, chipotle aioli, and fresh spinach. The second sandwich is Rick Scott’s Special Interest Sammy, which comes with JUST Egg, vegan American cheese, and tomatoes.

Below are the food truck stops:

  • Thursday, 4/21: GW University Kogan Plaza
  • Friday, 4/22: Navy Yard
  • Saturday, 4/23: Eastern Market
  • Sunday, 4/24: TBD (Dupont Circle, M Street, or Foggy Bottom)
  • Tuesday, 4/26: Capitol Hill
  • Wednesday, 4/27: Capitol Hill

The final aspect of JUST Egg’s Earth Month initiative is the website EggingCongress.com. On this site, consumers can send a message to their representatives pushing them to take action against climate change.

For more information about the JUST Egg brand, products, and initiatives, visit JU.ST.

Allie Mitchell

Allie Mitchell


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