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Stand-Up Burgers to Open in Culver City This Week

We’ve got the details on Culver City’s newest vegan burger joint, including an interview with the CEO of Veggie Grill Inc., Jay Gentile.

Stand-Up Burgers
Los Angeles

Stand-Up Burgers

We’ve got the details on Culver City’s newest vegan burger joint, including an interview with the CEO of Veggie Grill Inc., Jay Gentile.

Hey, LA! Have you heard? A new Stand-Up Burgers location is opening in Culver City! So mark your calendars. Because June 17 is opening day. The rebellious younger sister of Veggie Grill, Stand-Up Burgers, is a purpose-driven, vegan burger joint that revolutionizes comfort food by putting a bold, 100% plant-based twist on American burgers, fries, and shakes. In addition, they aim to empower people to take a stand for the future without sacrificing taste. And good vegan eats isn’t all they bring to Culver City. Stand-Up also commits to uplifting community, supporting the environment, and fighting for animal welfare. Stand-Up operates two restaurants in Chicago, IL and one in Berkeley, CA. This week Culver City gets in on the Stand-Up Burgers action!

Stand-Up Burgers

Burgers, Hot Dogs, Fries, and Tots Photo courtesy of Stand-Up Burgers

An Interview with Veggie Grill CEO, Jay Gentile

In celebration of the new Culver City location, then, we sat down with Jay Gentile. Gentile is CEO of Veggie Grill. He discusses Stand-Up Burgers’ vision and new location details. In addition, he shares his favorite menu items!

VegOut (VO): Described as the rebellious younger sister in the Veggie Grill family, how does Stand-Up Burgers (and its vision) differ from your other vegan restaurant ventures?

Jay Gentile (JG): All brands under the Veggie Grill family share a common mission. And that’s to change American food culture for the better. So, with Stand-Up Burgers, we’re reinventing the American burger stand to satisfy the next generation’s desire to stand up for a better future without sacrificing taste and enjoyment. As a brand, we are unapologetic in our mission to make the world a better place. And we invite everyone to join us.

VO: With decades of experience in the vegan food scene, what’s the secret to getting people to eat more meatless options? Also, how is Stand-Up contributing to the plant-based movement?

JG: It’s all about taste and quality. At Stand-Up Burgers, we invite the world to eat less meat by re-thinking comfort food. We empower people to be bold about who they are, what they eat, and what they stand for on their plant-based journey. We feel great about giving people the opportunity to enjoy a better burger—one that is sustainable and humane—without sacrificing taste.

VO: With philanthropy at its core, how is Stand-Up Burgers giving back to the community? To expand on that idea, then, what will this mean for the new location and Culver City?

JG: Each Stand-Up Burgers location partners with a local charity. And we raise funds by donating a portion of sales for each signature Stand-Up Burger sold, as well as a portion from our rotating shakes. It’s something we are very proud of. For our new Culver City location, our community involvement started before we opened our doors.

We believe that saving the planet is not just for us, but for future generations. That’s why we partnered with the awesome students at Olive Vista Middle School. These students came together for an amazing art and science project to spread awareness of endangered animals and environmental issues.

Stand-Up Burgers donated the funds for the school to buy a kiln that all the students can use for years to come. To celebrate, then, we catered a special lunch to over 1,000 students and staff!

VO: So, let’s talk plant-based eats! What are your favorite, must-have items on the Stand-Up Burgers menu?

JG: I’m a big fan of our Steakhouse Burger—the vegan blue cheese crumbles are incredible. Our Loaded Tots are also a must-try! For dessert, we’re excited to be partnering with Donut Friend to offer a rotation of specialty vegan donuts.

Stand-Up Burgers

Loaded Dog Photo courtesy of Stand-Up Burgers

Stand-Up Burgers’ Menu

Gentile knows good eats. So be sure to check out Stand-Up Burgers’ menu! Alongside juicy Impossible Burgers, you’ll find the Buffalo Chik’n sandwich and Loaded Dog. These IG-worthy handhelds pair well with Stand-Up sides. You can also try sides like Save-the-Animal Style Fries, Loaded Tots, mac ‘n’ cheese, and Caesar salad. Additionally, the menu features shakes in strawberry, mocha, and more. And, don’t forget to try their rotational donuts from Donut Friend!

So, are you drooling? Then get your burgers, fries, and shakes at Stand-Up Burgers! Also, be sure to check out the new Culver City location. The newest addition to the vegan restaurant group is located at 4114 Sepulveda Blvd, Culver City, CA 90230. To stay updated on this growing brand, visit StandUpBurgers.com or follow them on Instagram at @standupburgers.

Stand-Up Burgers Shakes

Chocolate and Strawberry Shakes Photo courtesy of Stand-Up Burgers

Opening Week Promotions

  • Thursday, June 16: 500 O.G. Burgers giveaway to the first 500 guests who visit Stand-Up Burgers, starting at 11am; 5 guests (chosen at random) will win free O.G. Burgers for a year!
  • Friday, June 17: Opening day! First 100 guests receive $25 gift card and a chance to spin the Wheel of Swag.
  • Saturday, June 18: First 100 guests receive free Classic Shake (regular size) with any entree purchase.
  • Sunday, June 19: All guests, all day receive BOGO burgers to celebrate Father’s Day!
  • Monday, June 20: All guests, all day receive free fries with any entree purchase.
  • Tuesday, June 21: First 100 guests receive a coupon for a free O.G. Burger (for a future visit) with any entree purchase.
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