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Tabitha Brown’s Food Collection Returns to Target

From pasta and potato salad to hummus dips and ragu, you can once again find the beloved products on Target shelves.

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From pasta and potato salad to hummus dips and ragu, you can once again find the beloved products on Target shelves.

In an exciting development for food enthusiasts and Tabitha Brown fans alike, the renowned New York Times bestselling author and social media sensation is back at Target with her much-loved food collection. Following the success of her previous collaborations, Brown is set to dazzle shoppers once again with new and delightful assortments spanning food and beverage, home, and kitchen spaces.

Expressing her gratitude for the ongoing partnership, Brown shared, “I’m so grateful for my continued partnership with Target. Being able to bring joy and delicious food to so many people with a company that treats me like family is such a gift!”

The Return of Tabitha Brown’s Food Line

To kick off this exciting reunion, Target has reintroduced six of Brown’s most popular food offerings, just in time for spring and summer enjoyment. These items are carefully crafted to elevate everyday meals and special occasions with their irresistible flavors and quality ingredients.

Among the returning favorites are mouthwatering pasta and potato salad options, perfect for family gatherings and picnics. For those seeking delightful dips, Brown’s hummus varieties are a definite crowd-pleaser. Additionally, her flavorful ragu promises to elevate pasta nights to new heights.

Accessible and Affordable Plant-Based Options at Target

The best part? Brown’s delectable creations are available both in-store and online at Target.com, starting at just $3.99. This accessibility ensures that shoppers can easily incorporate these items into their everyday routines without breaking the bank.

Target’s commitment to offering quality products aligns seamlessly with Brown’s dedication to bringing joy through food. As a trusted retailer known for its inclusive offerings, Target provides a platform for Brown’s creations to shine and reach a wider audience of food enthusiasts and families.

More Launches to Come

As the partnership between Tabitha Brown and Target continues to blossom, consumers can look forward to new and exciting additions to the food collection throughout the year. Stay tuned for more delectable surprises and innovative culinary creations that promise to enhance every mealtime experience.

Visit Target.com for more information.

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