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10 Climate-Conscious Snacks for Earth Month

These tasty snack brands are doing the most for the environment!

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Courtesy of Quinn Snacks

These tasty snack brands are doing the most for the environment!

Climate change is a hot topic, literally! When it comes to combating global warming, these vegan-friendly snack brands have risen to the occasion! Through carbon footprint offsets, sustainable ingredient sourcing, regenerative farming, and product upcycling, these vegan-friendly food brands are giving back to the environment while bringing you tasty options to snack on. Care for the environment, but want to get your snack on? Check out these vegan-friendly climate-conscious snack brands!

Moonshot Snacks Crackers

Long before Moonshot Snacks Crackers hit the shelves, its farmers were tackling climate change through regenerative agricultural practices that promoted healthy and diverse soil. This climate-conscious snack brand also minimizes and offsets its carbon emissions whenever possible. Avid snackers can find three vegan-friendly cracker flavors from this Black-founded brand—Tomato Basil, Sourdough Sea Salt, and Rosemary Garlic.

Person holding MoonShot crackers

Courtesy of MoonShot

Pulp Pantry Chips

This climate-conscious snack brand uses upcycled ingredients to create delicious, produce-packed chips! Pulp Pantry Chips are available in four flavors and contain kale and celery pulp from fresh vegetable juices that would otherwise be discarded. Not only are these snacks delicious and nutritious, but they are also sustainable. We just can’t get enough of the Salt ‘n’ Vinegar chip variety from this woman-owned brand!

Person grabbing Pulp Pantry Chips

Courtesy of Pulp Pantry

Brad’s Veggie Chips

This climate-conscious snack brand utilizes ingredients from farms that prioritize environmental protection, preserve natural resources, and support biodiversity. And these sustainable snacks taste oh-so-good! Brad’s Veggie Chips are flour-free and packed with organic vegetables and seasonings. Brad’s lineup of better-for-you snacks also includes Crunchy Kale Chips, Keto Crisps, and Veggie Flats. Yum!

Brad's Veggie Chips spilled on counter

Courtesy of Brad’s Veggie Chips

12 Tides Organic Kelp Snacks

Ocean-friendly puffed kelp chips made in compostable packaging? Sign us up! Through the use of regenerative ocean farming, this climate-conscious snack brand is helping to heal damaged aquatic ecosystems. And you can get in on the action. 12 Tides Organic Kelp Snacks come in a tasty variety of flavors like Vegan Cheddar, Chili Pepper, and Everything. Become an ocean activist and get snacking!

Person holding 12 Tides package

Courtesy of 12 Tides

Barnana Organic Plantain Chips

Of course, this Certified B Corporation made the list of tasty climate-conscious snacks! Made with organic plantains sourced through regenerative agricultural practices, Barnana Organic Plantain Chips are the sweet, salty, and sustainable snack of our dreams! Find the plantain chips in flavors like Acapulco Lime, Spicy Mango Salsa, and Garlic. The brand also offers Plantain Crisps, Scoops, Nuggets, and various sweet treats.

Barnana chips with plantains

Courtesy of Barnana

GoMacro Bars

This climate-conscious snack brand is committed to sourcing organic, sustainably grown ingredients processed with eco-friendly practices. We love to see it! GoMacro Bars are made using renewable solar and wind energy while working to further offset their carbon emissions. Find the FODMAP-friendly bars in delicious flavors like Maple Sea Salt and Cashew Caramel.

GoMacro bar outside in blanket

Courtesy of GoMacro

Renewal Mill Cookies

This woman-founded company is all about creating climate-friendly foods that taste great! In addition to various upcycled baking mixes, conscious consumers can also snack on Renewal Mill Cookies! Both the Salted Peanut Butter and Chocolate Chip cookies are made with upcycled gluten-free okara flour and Miyoko’s Creamery European Style Cultured Butter. These crave-worthy treats have a delicious impact, to say the least.

Person holding Renewal Mill cookie with blanket and cup

Courtesy of Renewal Mill

Quinn Snacks Pretzel Nuggets


In case you didn’t get the memo, we are obsessed with Quinn Snacks Pretzel Nuggets. With plant-based fillings ranging from maple almond butter to vegan cheese, how can you blame us? In addition to crafting delicious vegan, gluten-free snacks, this Boulder, Colorado company is shaking up the snack industry by using intentionally sourced, regenerative ingredients. We love a climate-conscious snack brand!

Quinn Snacks peanut butter pretzels scattered with bag

Courtesy of Quinn Snacks

Alter Eco Organic Chocolates


This isn’t just any chocolate company. Alter Eco Organic Chocolates regenerate ecosystems, empower farmers, and reverse climate change. That’s a pretty fancy resume for a chocolate bar! Vegan options include Almond Blackout, Quinoa Crunch, and Deep Dark Sea Salt bars, to name a few. Alter Eco also features tasty vegan granola made with climate-conscious ingredients.

Alter Eco chocolates on greenery

Courtesy of Alter Eco

Back to Nature Cookies


It’s in the name, but this climate-conscious snack brand is giving back to the planet through its partnership with The Nature Conservancy. Back to Nature has helped plant hundreds of thousands of trees to combat deforestation. Sweet, right? And so are the Back to Nature Cookies. Find vegan cookies like Fudge Striped, Loaded Trail Mix, and Fudge Mint Cookies from this vegan-friendly brand.

Person holding Back to Nature cookies

Courtesy of Back to Nature

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