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The 9 Best Vegan Airline Snacks

A guide to above and beyond provisions on your next flight.

Food tray on plane with Stellar Snacks, camera, sunglasses, and travel bag
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Courtesy of Stellar Snacks

A guide to above and beyond provisions on your next flight.

Leave the pantry snacks at home! Sit back, relax, and get ready to indulge in these stellar vegan airline snacks on your next flight. These days, you’ll find more and more vegan-friendly options at 40,000 feet! Here are our favorites.

Stellar Snacks Pretzel Braids

Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, & JetBlue

On choice airlines Alaska Airlines and JetBlue, you can now request complimentary Simply Stellar Mini Braids pretzels for a salty, crunchy treat. These pretzel braids come in beautiful packaging and are made with vegan butter and a pinch of sea salt, making them a delicious and wholesome treat. And if you’re flying first class on American Airlines, don’t miss your chance to try this woman-owned brand’s Maui Monk flavor on board!

Stellar snacks on plane tray with drawing of plane

Courtesy of Stellar Snacks

Mediterranean Tapas Picnic Pack

Alaska Airlines

For $7.50 on Alaska Airlines, you can now receive a brimming box of kosher, plant-based goodies, including Pick Pocket Traditional Hummus, dippable Wicked Crisps Sea Salt & Hummus Crisps, Mario Snack Olives, Madi K’s Almonds, That’s it. Apples + Fig Fruit Bar, and an indulgent TCHO Pure Notes 67% Cacao Dark Chocolate. Each of these items makes for a balanced and filling set of snacks for your next cross-country flight! Talk about a bang for your buck!

Snack box full of vegan foods

Courtesy of Alaska Airlines

Biscoff Cookies

Delta & American Airlines

Perhaps no modern treat has become more synonymous with flying than Biscoff Cookies. These speculoos cookies—warm, spicy, crunchy with hints of cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger—grace the side of coffees across Delta and American Airlines flights nationwide! These accidentally vegan treats are always complimentary.

Pile of Biscoff cookies

Courtesy of Biscoff


United Airlines, American Airlines, & Hawaiian Airlines

Snack on an American classic—original Pringles—across United Airlines, American Airlines, and Hawaiian Airlines for an upgrade fee. These stackable potato-based chips are the perfect crunchy, salty bite after long security lines and crowded boarding procedures.

Container of Pringles with chips surrounding

Courtesy of Pringles

Wiley Wallaby Classic Red Licorice

United Airlines

Raise your hand if you’re a licorice lover! Good news—you can now purchase Wiley Wallaby Classic Red Licorice on United Airlines domestic flights! Enjoy this soft and chewy candy with a natural strawberry flavor. This treat contains less sugar, is fat-free, and has no high-fructose corn syrup, making it a healthier option than traditional candies.

Wiley Wallaby licorice with strawberries

Courtesy of Wiley Wallaby

Sea Salt Roasted Almonds

American Airlines

Hold yourself over with Select Harvest’s oven-roasted almonds with a toasty flavor which is lightly sprinkled with sea salt. American Airlines now offers Select Harvest Sea Salt Roasted Almonds for a small fee. They are a crunchy snack with healthy fats and proteins, sourced with California almonds. Consider adding this healthy and delicious option to your snack select next flight!

Select Harvest almonds

Courtesy of Select Harvest

Chifles Plantain Chips


Plantain lovers rejoice! JetBlue offers Chifles Plantain Chips as a default snack option across all domestic flights. These plantain chips have a unique savory flavor with just a hint of salt. They are lower in sodium than traditional potato chips and have other beneficial nutrients including potassium, fiber, and vitamins A and C, making them a nourishing snack option. These chips are also gluten-free and contain no trans fat.

Bag of Chifles plantain chips

Courtesy of Chifles

88 Acres Seed + Oat Bar


Sustainable brand 88 Acres has partnered with JetBlue to put their nutritious Seed Bars in the hands of travelers across their domestic fleet free of charge! Nibble on these Cinnamon Maple bars blending sunflower, pumpkin, and flax! 88 Acres is vegan, nut-free, soy-free, and produced in facilities with zero food waste.

88 acres bar on table

Courtesy of 88 acres

Good To Go Blondie

Air Canada

Upgrade on Air Canada flights to the Good To Go’s vegan blondies, a delicious keto-certified, gluten-free, non-GMO, kosher, and high fiber treat! Made with almond flour and no added sugar, they are a guilt-free snack. Good To Go is a B Corp and 1% for the Planet member, making their products good for both you and the environment.

Box of Good to Go bars

Photo by Health Food Hunting

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