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13 Flavored Nut and Seed Butters You Need to Try

If pressed, we could probably survive off nut and seed butter and never get bored. The market has innovated beyond the basic and created a delicious library of inventive and addictive flavors—from French Toast Pecan to Walnut Black Pepper. Check out this comprehensive collection of everyday staples to gourmet finds.


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Beyond the Equator

Beyond the Equator's Chocolate 5 Seed Butter gets its creamy consistency from sunflower seeds and nutrient profile from the addition of hemp, flax, pumpkin, and chia seeds. Not only does it level-up toast and pancakes, it contains 6 grams of protein per two-tablespoon serving plus healthy fats and omega-3’s to boost brain health. Our latest obsession involves coating a banana with it, rolling in coconut flakes, and freezing it for a naturally sweet summer treat.

Beyond the Equator

Photo credit: @the_gingerroot on Instagram

Abby’s Better Nut Butter

From options such as French Toast Pecan, Coffee Almond, and Strawberry Cashew, this vegan-friendly nut butter brand is anything but ordinary. While the flavors seem complex, the ingredient list isn’t—each variety contains five natural ingredients or less. All are vegan except for the Honey Almond.

Abby's Better Nut Butter


Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut & Almond Butter was the first thing we turned to as vegans when we realized Nutella contains dairy. We’ve been hooked ever since. In years past, we’ve reached for the brand’s other vegan-friendly flavors including Maple Almond, Cinnamon Almond, and Maple Cashew. Any of these options elevates the humble lunchbox PB&J to a sophisticated sandwich.


88 Acres

Curb your curiosity first by trying the watermelon and pumpkin seed butter, but when it comes down to flavor, the sunflower varieties reign supreme. The dark chocolate, maple, and vanilla spiced sunflower blends are all tasty enough to enjoy straight from the jar.

88 Acres

Wild Friends

Keep an eye on this brand when the holidays roll around—come fall, Wild Friends will be manufacturing creamy nut butter-based joy with its seasonal spreads. Year-round, look for vegan options like chocolate almond, chocolate hazelnut, and chocolate coconut peanut butter. Once the leaves begin to fall, stock up on Gingerbread Peanut Butter, Sugar Cookie Peanut Butter, Chocolate Pumpkin Spice Peanut Butter, and Pumpkin Spice Peanut Butter, and check out the company’s Instagram (@wild_friends) for recipe inspiration.

Wild Friends

Big Spoon Roasters

Made in small batches with premium ingredients, Big Spoon Roasters is the epitome of artisan nut butters. While it may be difficult to justify $14 for yourself, these make for a tasty and thoughtful gift. Vegan-friendly flavors we love include Go Get ‘Em Tiger Espresso Almond with Sea Salt (made exclusively with Go Get ‘Em Tiger Minor Moments Espresso), Fiji Ginger Almond Butter with Sea Salt, Hot Mamba Peanut Butter with Chiles, and Maple Cinnamon Peanut & Pecan Butter. The company even sells “Wag Butter”—a peanut butter made for dogs, so you can each have your own jar.

Big Spoon

Reginald’s Homemade

One scroll through Reginald’s flavors and you’ll want one of each. Available for nationwide shipping, these eight-ounce jars pack a punch of flavor in every luxurious spoonful. Highlights include Agave Habanero Peanut Butter, Bourbon Pecan Peanut Butter, and Cashewnilla Cashew Butter (it really tastes like vanilla wafers!). These gourmet butters are meant for spooning.

Reginald's Homeade

Don’t Go Nuts

One lick of this creamy soy spread, and you’d never be able to tell it’s nut-free. The chocolate variety is as addictive as Nutella, and the Simply Cinnamon flavor is fantastic when slathered on toast and topped with sliced banana. All ingredients are sustainably sourced, organic, and gluten-free.

Don't Go Nuts

Photo credit: @strawberry_blondiess on Instagram

Rooted Life Foods

We’ve incorporated adaptogens into our coffee, and now it’s time to try them in peanut butter. This uniquely flavored butter contains organic reshi and ashwagandha to add a little extra feel-good to your day. The dash of cinnamon rounds out the flavor profile and brings everything into balance. It tastes like peanut butter, but there’s a definite je ne sais quois flavor that will keep you digging in for more.

Rooted Life Foods

Photo credit: @cassieafisher on Instagram

Betty Lou’s Just Great Stuff

Powdered peanut butter can be polarizing—some go through a jar a week, while others scoff at it as “diet food.” There are handfuls of powdered nut butters on the market, but we’ve found Just Great Stuff to stand true to its name. The chocolate variety can double as frosting for single-serve mug cakes or add extra oomph to banana-based nice cream. We’ll never give up the full-fat version, but we also experience slight anxiety without a jar of chocolate powdered peanut butter in the pantry.

Betty Lou's Just Great Stuff

Ground Up

We don’t know how Ground Up came up with some of these experimental flavors, but we’re so glad they did. These are special occasion, don’t-let-your-roommate-touch-them level of nut butters. Varieties we’re currently hoarding include Walnut-Cashew Butter with Black Pepper Sea Salt and Chunky Almond, Cashew + Coconut Butter flavored with real vanilla bean. Pro tip: this company is worth a follow on Instagram as they release extremely limited-time flavors on the regular. In honor of National Ice Cream Day, the last exclusive flavor was a vegan-friendly Waffle Cone!

Ground Up

JEM Organics

Not only do we love the variety of this brand, we so appreciate the size options it offers. Each nut butter is available in 1.25-ounce, 6-ounce, and 16-ounce jars, so you can buy the one you love in bulk or sample a new flavor. In addition to the creative flavors like Cinnamon Maca Almond Butter, Cashew Cardamom Almond Butter, and Pistachio Ginseng Cashew Butter, these spreads are also infused with organic superfood ingredients such as lucuma, maca, and turmeric. Add a generous dollop to your everyday oats to make for a better morning.

JEM Organics


Many nut butter companies offer single-serve packets, but at Noosh, it’s all they do. We’ve stuffed our pockets, purses, and backpacks with these squeezable almond butter packs. Favorite flavors include Cupcake, Chocolate Mint, and Coffee. They’re perfect on a hike or a road trip to a national park.


Feature photo credit: Don't Go Nuts

Tanya Flink


Tanya Flink is an Orange County journalist willing to run for vegan food. She’s written for several plant-based publications, including VegNews, Organic Authority, EcoSalon, and LIVEKINDLY. She currently serves as the Content Manager for Switch4Good.

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