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Alaska Airlines Adds Vegan Meal Option to In-Flight Menu

The “Soy Meets World” vegan salad is available on flights over 1,100 miles.

Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines

The “Soy Meets World” vegan salad is available on flights over 1,100 miles.

Flying just got a lot more vegan-friendly! Alaska Airlines has added a vegan option to their in-flight menu for the first time.

Vegan Options in the Sky

The vegan option is a salad developed in partnership with West Coast-based salad company Evergreens. The “Soy Meets World” boasts romaine lettuce, roasted broccoli, cucumber, pickled carrots, green onion, brown rice, cashews, and fried tofu. Tamari Chili Lime dressing tops it all off.

The addition of the vegan salad comes in response to Alaska Airlines customers requesting more plant-based options during their travels. “We’re thrilled to offer our guests more healthy and nutritious choices when they fly with us,” said managing director of guest products Todd Traynor-Corey.

While the Soy Meets World is only available on flights over 1,100 miles, Alaska Airlines still has you covered on shorter flights. The vegan, gluten-free Mediterranean Tapas pack comes with hummus, corn crackers, almonds, snack olives, a fruit bar, and a piece of dark chocolate and is available on all flights over 223 miles.

Pre-Order Your In-Flight Vegan Meal

The new Soy Meets World salad is available for just $9.50—a fair price for a vegan option in the sky! The Mediterranean Tapas pack costs just $6.50.

Want to try the Soy Meets World on your next flight? Schedule your pre-order beginning 14 days prior to your flight and up to 20 hours before your scheduled departure via your Alaska Air Mileage Plan account. Customers can also add a payment method to their Mileage Plan account for no-contact payment. The Mediterranean Tapas pack does not require a pre-order.

For a full list of available food and beverages on Alaska Airlines flights, visit AlaskaAir.com.

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