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7 Vegan Graham Cracker Brands for Summer S’mores and More

Discover the top plant-based grahams for all your snacking needs!

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Courtesy of Kinnikinnick

Discover the top plant-based grahams for all your snacking needs!

Are you looking for cruelty-free graham crackers? When you’re out perusing the grocery store shelves, keep in mind that some grahams contain milk or honey ingredients. But don’t lose hope—there are plenty of plant-based options to go around! For summer s’mores, vegan cheesecakes, and other sweet snacks, check out these vegan graham cracker brands.

Partake Classic Grahams

We can’t get enough of this Black, female-founded vegan cookie brand, plant-based, gluten-free graham crackers included! The Partake Classic Grahams are now a key ingredient in our summertime s’mores. Made with a hint of cinnamon, these graham-style crackers are a crowd-pleasing choice as they are free of the top nine allergens.


Courtesy of Partake

Nabisco Original Grahams

When searching for honey-free grahams, try these accidentally vegan graham crackers! Rumor has it that the Nabisco Original Grahams are total BFFs with gelatin-free marshmallows and dairy-free chocolate. So next time you’re out shopping for your summer bonfire supplies, add the red Nabisco box to your shopping cart.


Courtesy of Nabisco

Kinnikinnick S’moreable Graham Style Crackers

Whether you’re shopping for a vegan graham cracker to use in a homemade cheesecake or add to your snack rotation, Kinnikinnick S’moreable Graham Style Crackers are a great choice. As the name implies, these gluten-free grahams are perfect for s’mores, too! Made with pea starch, brown rice flour, and cane sugar, Kinnikinnick crackers are another allergy-friendly choice to enjoy.


Courtesy of Kinnikinnick

Healing Home Foods Graham Bites

From vegan-friendly granola to raw crackers to sweet treats like vegan graham crackers, this inclusive brand is a lovely addition to your plant-based pantry. The Healing Home Foods Graham Bites come in three tasty flavors—Classic, Baked Maple Cinnamon, and Baked Lemon Chia. Enjoy these as a stand-alone snack, with fruit dips, or in DIY desserts. The options are endless.

Healing Home Foods

Courtesy of Healing Home Foods

Kellogg’s Original Grahams

The Kellogg’s Original Grahams are another easy-to-find plant-based graham cracker choice. These mainstream, store-bought grahams are free from dairy, honey, high-fructose corn syrup, and artificial flavors. Whether you’re whipping up a graham cracker crust for cruelty-free Key lime pie, getting your s’mores kit together, or just stocking the pantry, these Kellogg’s classics are a great choice.


Courtesy of Kellogg’s

Must Love Classic Grahams

ISO a plant-based graham cracker for your summer s’mores, snack platters, and beyond? Must Love Classic Grahams are the move! Sweetened with dates, these tasty snacks are free from added sugar and honey. Plus, they taste oh-so-good. We can’t wait to see all the delicious eats you come up with featuring these vegan graham crackers.

Must Love

Courtesy of Must Love

Kroger Original Graham Crackers

Next time you’re loading up on all the tasty vegan-friendly food that Kroger has to offer—we see you, Simple Truth cookie dough—be sure not to skip the snack aisle! Coming at you from the Kroger store brand, we can now add the Kroger Original Graham Crackers to our plant-based graham rotation. This pantry staple is free of both milk and honey, making it a major vegan score if you ask us.


Photo by Allie Mitchell

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Anja Grommons


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