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The Top Vegan Cities in the US

Book your flight now to one of these vegan-friendly cities!

New York City

Book your flight now to one of these vegan-friendly cities!

Need a weekend away? Book your flight now to one of the top vegan cities in the US! Catch a show, browse the museums, and hit all the tourist sights. You’re sure to enjoy a wide selection of vegan eats during your stay.

Los Angeles, CA

Consistently ranked as one of the most vegan-friendly cities in the US, Los Angeles is the place to go for plant-based eats! Whether your cravings are for tacos, burgers, sushi, or pasta, you have a variety of options to choose from. Looking to support women-owned restaurants? Try Hey, Sunshine Kitchen; Pura Vita; and Little Barn Coffee House to start. Want to uplift Black-owned businesses? We suggest Coffee and Plants; Hart House; Berbere; and more.

Hart House

Courtesy of Hart House

New York, NY

NYC never looked so good! This vegan hot spot not only boasts plant-based eats, but also offers a number of vegan-friendly sustainable hotels. From 1 Hotel Central Park to citizenM Times Square, you can rest in planet-conscious comfort while exploring the town. Might we suggest starting your vacation food journey with pasta? Try Soda Club. Or maybe you prefer burgers, pizza, cookies, or bagels. No worries! They’ve got all of that and more!

Soda Club

Courtesy of Soda Club

Atlanta, GA

From gluten-free stir-fries to elevated plant-based dining, Atlanta knows where it’s at when it comes to vegan eats! We’re talking Stir House, PLANTA, La Semilla, and more. And let’s not forget the area’s own Slutty Vegan. There you will find burgers like the One Night Stand, Dancehall Queen, Fussy Hussy, and beyond. Want to have a little plant-based fun? Use the “10 Black-Owned Vegan Restaurants to Support in Atlanta” as your bucket list while you’re there.

Slutty Vegan

Superslut Photo by Madelynne Boykin

Portland, OR

What’s not to love about 100% plant-based ice cream, craft cocktails, vegan caviar, and more? Whether you are searching for brunch or dinner and drinks, Portland has what you need. Check out Vertical Diner, Fermenter, and Blossoming Lotus, among others. In addition to all-vegan eateries, you will find a wide selection of vegan-friendly mainstream spots like Salt & Straw! Vegan cities for the win!

Kate's Ice Cream

Courtesy of Kate’s Ice Cream

Austin, TX

One of our favorite vegan cities is Austin. The famously rebellious, quirky Texas town offers a plethora of vegan options. From restaurants and food trucks to a vegan Queer-owned bar and nightclub called Cheer Up Charlies, this city can’t be beat. We’re especially loving Casa De Luz, a vegan sanctuary right in the middle of Texas, offering communal macrobiotic meals, meditation, and more. And hat tip while we’re at it to University of Texas Austin. Half of all meals served there are now 100% plant-based!

Casa De Luz

Courtesy of Casa De Luz

Philadelphia, PA

You will find more in Philly than just vegan cheesesteaks! The city offers some great brunch spots like Bar Bombón, Fitz on 4th, and Primary Plant Based. Or grab an ice cream at Van Leeuwen or Scoop DeVille. Of special note is that Philadelphia has recently been home to plant-based product testing such as Oatly’s new cream cheese! Before you catch your flight back home, be sure to pick up some vegan donuts from Dottie’s Donuts.

Primary Plant Based

Courtesy of Primary Plant Based

Las Vegas, NV

Check out our Guide to Vegan Dining at Las Vegas Resorts if you’re headed to Caesars, the Bellagio, or Mandalay Bay. At The Venetian, be sure to hit up Truth & Tonic. They offer frittatas, smoothies, wraps, and other nutrient-dense picks. At Resorts World, head to LA’s own Crossroads for Fusilli Pesto, Spaghetti Carbonara, Tagliatelle Bolognese, and more. There are also numerous vegan restaurants located off the strip, such as Chef Kenny’s, The Modern Vegan, and Plant Power Fast Food.

Spicy Rigatoni Vodka from Crossroads Kitchen

Courtesy of Crossroads Kitchen

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