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Shop These 10 Brands for Sustainable Tampons and Pads

These inclusive period brands have the hookup on eco-friendly personal care items.


Courtesy of Cora

These inclusive period brands have the hookup on eco-friendly personal care items.

If you’re looking for a more eco-friendly approach to period care, we’ve got you! Whether that be applicator-free tampons, organic cotton pads, or reusable menstrual products, companies are coming through with sustainable options. Many accessible brands are opting for certified organic cotton, a more Earth-friendly material, for their products. These brands are also leaning on biodegradable, recyclable, and bio-based materials that rely on renewable and biological ingredients instead of non-renewable resources. Period care is such a personal decision, but if you are in the market for eco-friendly hygiene products, check out these sustainable tampon and pad brands.


Say hello to plastic-free period care! Natracare uses chlorine-free, certified organic cotton in its personal hygiene products. But the eco-love doesn’t stop there. Conscious shoppers can choose between tampons with compostable cardboard applicators or applicator-free tampon options. When it comes to menstrual pads and liners, these vegan-friendly period products contain organic cotton, ecologically certified cellulose pulp, and plant starch. We’ve got options with Natracare!

Person holding bag of pads from Natracare

Courtesy of Natracare


ISO eco-friendly period products? Check out Rael. This AAPI female-founded sustainable tampon and pad brand is making clean menstrual products accessible. Created using organic cotton sourced in the US, Rael tampons, liners, and pads are free from chlorine, fragrance, and titanium dioxide. Tampons can be found with both biodegradable cardboard applicators and BPA-free plastic applicators. Plus the brand has reusable period products including underwear, pads, and menstrual cups.

Person holding package of Rael

Courtesy of Rael


This Certified B Corporation is bringing us sustainable tampon and pad options! Made with 100% certified organic cotton free from pesticides, dioxins, fragrances, and chlorine, Cora tampons come in applicator-free and traditional options with the latter using a new plant-based compact applicator made from sugar cane. As part of the Grove Collaborative, Cora is committed to offsetting plastic waste and establishing strict ingredient standards for its products.

Cora packaging sitting on the back of the toilet

Courtesy of Cora


This sustainable brand is your one-stop shop for period care, bladder care, and sexual wellness. Flo’s period products are made with organic cotton and biodegradable bamboo. The Earth-friendly, women-of-color-owned brand also uses biodegradable and compostable plant cellulose for all product wrappers, and its tampon applicators are made from sugarcane biopolymer. Additionally, all outer packaging utilizes recyclable cardboard and vegan ink. We love to see it.

Multiple containers of Flo packaging

Courtesy of Flo


Through investing in environmental offsets, this sustainable tampon and pad company is considered a carbon-neutral business. August also utilizes ethical labor and high-quality ingredients for its gender-inclusive menstrual products. Major score! The AAPI woman-owned brand’s tampons contain 100% organic cotton sourced in Turkey and BPA-free plastic applicators. August’s absorbent pads and liners also contain organic cotton along with natural fluff pulp and are wrapped in water-soluble, compostable wrappers.

Packaging of August piled on top of one another

Courtesy of August


While Dame believes that period care doesn’t need to add to the current plastic crisis, the company also knows that consumers prefer smooth applicator tampons. That’s why this sustainable tampon and pad company created a reusable applicator that pairs with Dame’s organic cotton tampons. You heard that right—sustainable innovation FTW! The reusable tampon applicator is made of antimicrobial materials and can be used to replace 12,000 disposable applicators. Dame also features reusable period pads in a variety of absorbencies.

Person holding tampon from Dame

Courtesy of Dame


This sustainable period brand is giving us choices, and we are here for it! When perusing organic cotton tampons, shoppers can choose between BPA-free plastic and cardboard applicator options or go the applicator-free route. In addition to pads and liners made with organic cotton, plant-based bioplastics, and non-toxic adhesives, Lola also features period underwear and a selection of menstrual cups. We are obsessed with these eco-friendly period care choices!

Person holding tampon from Lola

Courtesy of Lola


With sustainability at its core, Daye tampons are made from 100% organic, unbleached, and responsibly sourced cotton fibers. Available in sizes designed to fit your flow, these tampons include both “nude” and “coated” varieties. The nude tampons are exactly as they sound, but the coated varieties have a little something extra. These hygiene products contain a medical-grade CBD blend (sans THC). All tampons come with sugarcane applicators packed in flushable wrappers. In addition, this B Corp offers carbon-neutral delivery and is working on fully compostable applicators.

Person holding Daye packaging with tampons

Courtesy of Daye


Short for Organic Initiative, Oi period products start with certified organic cotton grown according to strict standards. In other words, these products are free from environmentally destructive synthetic pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides. Conscious shoppers can opt for applicator-free tampons or choose from those with applicators made from plant-based BioCompact or cardboard. Oi also offers menstrual pads and liners in a variety of sizes wrapped in biodegradable bioplastic wrappers and packed in biodegradable and recyclable cardboard boxes.

Packaging on table from Oi

Courtesy of Oi


You may recognize this vegan-friendly condom brand, but did you know that this Certified B Corp also offers hypoallergenic, sustainable period care? It’s true! Sustain features 100% organic cotton tampons, pads, and liners made without synthetic additives or fragrances. And the tampon applicators are made from thoughtful ingredients too—90% plant-based plastic. The sustainable tampon and pad company also offers reusable solutions for the Earth-conscious period-haver. Think menstrual cups and period underwear.

Sustain packaging with cotton

Courtesy of Sustain

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