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Sustainable Period Underwear Brand Proof Expands to Walmart

The sustainable leak-proof period underwear will be available at more than 4,000 Walmart stores nationwide beginning May 14.



The sustainable leak-proof period underwear will be available at more than 4,000 Walmart stores nationwide beginning May 14.

In an effort to make sustainable period products accessible to everyone, Proof has just launched its leak-proof period underwear at Walmart stores nationwide.

Proof Launches Unders by Proof at Walmart

Proof is one of the leading feminine wellness brands that is focusing on sustainable period products. Their leak-proof period underwear provides full coverage leak protection and is machine washable for easy reuse.

This month, the brand has announced a collaboration with Walmart to provide a more affordable option of its underwear. As of May 14, more than 4,000 Walmart stores nationwide will begin to carry Unders by Proof—a less expensive option of its popular leak-proof underwear.

The Unders by Proof line will offer three varieties of its black briefs: Light, Moderate, and Heavy. The Light Briefs hold the equivalent of one tampon, while the Moderate Briefs can hold up to two tampons, and the Heavy Briefs can hold up to five tampons and are great for overnight use. Pricing for the three options are $19.97, $29.97, and $34.97, respectively. All three options are available in sizes XS-XL and are available online, while the Light and Moderate will be available for purchase in-store.

Proof Leak-Proof Period Underwear

While many companies have begun to offer leak-proof underwear, Proof takes it one step further. Its patented Leak-Loc technology contains reinforced edges, super-absorbent liners, and quick-dry lining to make this underwear fully leak-proof (seriously, check out this video!). The technology also works to fight odor and create a breathable and comfortable fit. Proof underwear can also be worn during pregnancy or to prevent bladder leaks.

Visit ShopProof.com to browse the full collection of leak-proof underwear, and visit your local Walmart (find Proof’s store locator here) or Walmart.com to check out the new Unders by Proof collection.

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