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“Vegan First” Restaurant Concept Opens in Midland, Texas

The vegan-friendly restaurant takeover is expanding in cities throughout the country, and next up is this “vegan first” spot in Midland, Texas.

Brew St. Bakery

The vegan-friendly restaurant takeover is expanding in cities throughout the country, and next up is this “vegan first” spot in Midland, Texas.

Located in Western Texas between El Paso and Fort Worth, and just north of Odessa, a “vegan first” restaurant concept opens in Midland, Texas. Same location, same name, but brand new vegan owners, Carlos and Marcy Madrid have taken over the local hot spot. Brew St.—a Midland community staple known for its coffee, decadent pastries, and other baked goods—has been transformed into a vegan comfort food haven.

Delicious Vegan Scones and Doughnuts

When the pair reopened Brew St. in October, it was important to the previous owner and the ambitious duo to keep the integrity of the former menu, with a new vegan twist. In doing so, they hired the spot’s previous pastry chef, requesting new vegan takes on some of the old classics like gooey lemon bars, frosted cinnamon buns, and mocha “tease” cake. The new menu also includes delicious vegan scones and doughnuts in several new flavors. The pair hopes to make plant-based eating accessible for all, with a come-as-you-are attitude, hoping to serve vegans and non-vegans alike.

Los Angeles, Austin, and Dallas Vegan Scene

The Madrids drove the menu from their plant-based favorites of the past five years, using inspiration from the booming Los Angeles, Austin, and Dallas vegan scene to inform menu selections and variety. Decorating the colorful menu, items include traditional Mexican street tacos and corn, a very popular chili Frito mac, and a chopped BBQ sandwich, made with shredded seitan. Rounding out the menu includes breakfast burritos and scrambles, pizza, and several “Brew Crew” coffee creations. Fish tacos, lasagna, and meatball subs are some of the new menu items hitting the menu soon. The spot also hosts live music on several evenings throughout the month.

“Vegan first” is a quickly emerging concept for restaurants that are plant-forward but also offering meat and dairy swaps. With this model, all menu items come vegan as-is but can be swapped for non-plant-based alternatives. For more information and the latest Brew St. news, check out TheBrewStreet.com or follow them on Instagram (@Brew.Street).

Melissa Nowakowski

Melissa Nowakowski


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