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Sweetgreen Debuts New Plant-Based Protein Option

The vegan protein option is available at the Culver City Sweetgreen while supplies last.



The vegan protein option is available at the Culver City Sweetgreen while supplies last.

Quick-service food chain Sweetgreen has added a vegan meat to its menu for the first time. For a limited time, the vegan protein is available at the brand’s Culver City location.

Sweetgreen Adds Vegan Meat to the Menu

Sweetgreen has partnered with vegan meat company Meati to bring a plant-based protein option to its menu. This is the first time that the quick-service restaurant has launched a plant-based partnership.

The launch of the new vegan meat option comes in response to great demand for a high-protein vegan option at the restaurant. While the brand does offer tofu and some vegan dressings, they have never before carried a vegan meat.

Meati’s plant-based protein derives from mushrooms and is the star of Sweetgreen’s new Miso Meati Bowl. The bowl boasts greens, rice, sweet potato, purple cabbage, and nuts and comes topped with a miso dressing. This bowl is available for a limited time at the Culver City Sweetgreen in Los Angeles.

Plant-Based Meat Brand Meati

Sweetgreen has chosen Meati to source its plant-based protein. Meati makes its meats from 95% mushroom root. The result is a very meaty texture that tastes and feels just like animal-derived meat! Meati products come minimally processed and offer some of the cleanest ingredients on the market.

Meati is a fairly new brand and is new to the foodservice and retail spaces. Currently, the brand offers four varieties of its mushroom-based vegan meats. Classic Cutlet, Crispy Cutlet, Classic Steak, and Carne Asada are included in the brand’s first product release.

Meati currently has partnerships with several retailers in Colorado and Arizona. In Denver and Phoenix, customers can find Meati products at several Sprouts and Birdcall locations.

Earlier this year, the brand was named one of TIME magazine’s Best Inventions of 2022. For more info about Meati, visit Meati.com.

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