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Meati Debuts Whole-Cut Meat Alternative Made from Mushrooms

Alternative meat brand Meati’s Classic Cutlet and Crispy Cutlet are now available direct-to-consumers on the brand’s website.



Alternative meat brand Meati’s Classic Cutlet and Crispy Cutlet are now available direct-to-consumers on the brand’s website.

The last few years have seen the rise of plant-based meat companies, products, and new innovations. Meati—an alternative meat brand whose products are made from mushroom mycelia—debuted its products direct-to-consumer today, March 21.

Vegan Meat Made From Mushrooms

While many of the available vegan meat replacements are made with several heavily processed ingredients, Meati’s products are largely made from one ingredient: mycelium. Mycelia are the small, thread-like roots that connect mushrooms to each other and other organisms. Mycelium is extremely high in protein, which is why Meati decided on using it for their vegan meat products.

Starting today, Meati’s Classic Cutlet and Crispy Cutlet are available for consumers to purchase on the brand’s website. Both products are chicken replacements, with the brand’s Steak Filet set to become available later this spring.

In February, Meati launched a successful pre-order campaign, with its entire stock of inventory selling out in less than 24 hours. This national debut is Meati’s next step in achieving its goal of becoming the US market share leader in animal-free meat by 2025. The brand will be entering national and local retail and foodservice spaces later this year.

Meati Partners with Michelin Star Chef David Chang

In addition to the national release of its vegan meat products, Meati has partnered with esteemed restaurateur and Michelin star chef David Chang to serve as a Meati ambassador. Chang—whose New York restaurant Momofuku Ko has two Michelin stars and who has always been at the forefront of new plant-based innovation—stated “[I] can say without hesitation that the food Meati delivers is unmatched in terms of ingredients, texture, and taste.” Chang will be partnering with Meati to provide cooking tutorials and recipes for each of Meati’s products on Meati’s various social media channels.

Visit Meati.com for more information about the plant-based chicken and to place your order.

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