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Slutty Vegan’s New Vegan Spinach Artichoke Dip Now Available at Costco

“Pinky’s Dips” can be found at participating Costco locations throughout the Southern and Midwest regions of the country.

Pinky's Dips

Slutty Vegan

“Pinky’s Dips” can be found at participating Costco locations throughout the Southern and Midwest regions of the country.

Pinky Cole, founder of the famed Slutty Vegan burger joint, is expanding her retail line. Pinky’s Dips is a new line of vegan dips that is now available at participating Costco locations.

Vegan Spinach Artichoke Dip Available at Costco Now

Pinky Cole’s newest retail venture is now available at Costco. Cole made an exclusive agreement with Costco, and Pinky’s Dips can be found at participating Costco locations throughout the South and Midwest.

The first flavor in the line is Pinky’s Vegan Spinach Artichoke Dip. The vegan dip is creamy and cheesy and comes in 24oz tubs. “These bangin’ dips are as mouthwatering as our burgers and made with all vegan ingredients,” said Cole.

The brand plans to release more flavors of the Pinky’s Dips line soon. To find out if your local Costco is carrying this new vegan spinach artichoke dip, visit Costco.com.

Pinky's Dips

Slutty Vegan

The Pinky Cole Legacy: Building a Vegan Empire

If you’re having trouble keeping up with all of the new Slutty Vegan news, you’re not alone! Pinky Cole shows no signs of slowing down as she continues to build her empire. There are currently five Slutty Vegan locations, with more on the way. And the Slutty Vegan food truck (aka The Big Ol’ Slut) continues to pop up in new cities each month.

Pinky Cole

Pinky Cole Will Sterling

Pinky’s Dips marks the latest in a string of retail appearances for the brand. Last year, Cole launched Slutty Vegan CBD gummies in two flavors. And earlier this year, the first limited-release line of Slutty Vegan Side Dips debuted at Target.

Cole also just completed her first cookbook, Eat Plants B*tch, which will be available for purchase this November. The book features over 91 vegan recipes and can be pre-ordered now.

For more information about Slutty Vegan, Pinky Cole, and the Slutty Vegan retail line, visit SluttyVeganATL.com.

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