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Slutty Vegan Debuts New Vegan CBD Gummies

Slutty Vegan is expanding its line of merchandise.

Slutty Vegan CBD Gummies

Slutty Vegan is expanding its line of merchandise.

Pinky Cole has been busy this year. Between expanding Slutty Vegan into more locations, opening Bar Vegan Atlanta, and developing the Pinky Cole Foundation, the vegan entrepreneur doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. And this month, Pinky Cole debuted a new line of CBD gummies.

Vegan CBD Gummies

The vegan CBD gummies are made from pectin rather than gelatin and contain 10mg of CBD and 1mg of THC per piece. The handcrafted and chef-designed gummies are available in two flavors: Mango Margarita and Pina Colada. You can purchase the gummies at Slutty Vegan’s Edgewood and Jonesboro locations or on their online store for nationwide shipping. The CBD treats are made with whole-plant extracts, are full-panel lab-tested, and meet all the requirements for federal regulations. Each bottle contains 10 gummies and costs $24.99.

Other Slutty Vegan News

When Slutty Vegan first opened in Atlanta a few years ago, it was not uncommon to see a line stretched around the block with customers eager to try their food. Menu items include dishes such as the One Night Stand, Menage a Trois, Fussy Hussy, and Sloppy Toppy, and employees jovially call new customers virgins as they order. The fully vegan burger joint attracts a fun crowd and has completely nailed down this niche in the market.

Last year, Slutty Vegan opened two more locations in addition to the original spot in Westview. The additional spots in Jonesboro and on Edgewood Avenue have made it much easier for customers to try the food, and Slutty Vegan’s success continues to grow.

The company just announced that they will be opening their fourth location in Duluth at the end of the year. The new restaurant is currently under construction and will be opening at 2131 Pleasant Hill Rd, Duluth, GA 30096 across from the Gwinnett Place Mall.

Disclosure: Slutty Vegan CBD Gummies contain cannabis (CBD and THC). Consume responsibly. CBD gummies are not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any disease. Keep out of reach of children.

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