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Shake Shack Is Testing Vegan Milkshakes

The popular burger chain recently debuted non-dairy frozen custard at select locations in New York and Florida.

Shake Shack

Shake Shack

The popular burger chain recently debuted non-dairy frozen custard at select locations in New York and Florida.

On May 17, Shake Shack began testing two non-dairy menu items—milkshakes and frozen custard—at 10 locations across Florida and New York. The launch is a welcomed surprise for guests who have routinely requested the company add plant-based options to its meat-heavy menu. With a little help from cutting-edge AI technology, Shake Shack could be the latest fast-food giant to offer permanent vegan options!

Shake Shack’s Partnership with NotCo

Shack Shack’s flagship store opened in Madison Square Park in 2004. The mass-market appeal of burgers and fries served at an affordable price has allowed the brand to establish an international presence. The company operates nearly 350 storefronts across cities like Shanghai, Dubai, Mexico City, and Istanbul. Recently, Shake Shack announced its partnership with NotCo, a Chilean startup exploring the interrelationship between tech and food.

NotCo’s Use of Artificial Intelligence

NotCo utilizes AI technology to match animal proteins most closely with their plant-based counterparts. It allows them to emulate the flavor and mouthfeel of dairy so closely that they believe people will be unable to tell the difference. The artificial intelligence, affectionately known as Giuseppe, is credited with the creation of NotMilk, along with NotMeat, NotBurger, NotIceCream, and NotMayo. Like Shake Shack, NotCo’s products can be found globally including Canada, Brazil, and Mexico.

New Non-Dairy Frozen Custard and Vegan Milkshakes at Shake Shack

NotCo’s proprietary non-dairy frozen custard is served by the scoop, and is the base of both menu items. It is rich and creamy and only made better by being chocolate flavored. If you prefer to drink your dessert, give their Non-Dairy Chocolate Shake a sip! It blends the luscious custard and NotCo’s NotMilk to create a thick, diner-style hand-spun shake.

Visit ShakeShack.com for more information.

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Jared Cross


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