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Veganuary Launches ‘Choose Chicken-Free Week’ 2024

The campaign encourages individuals to embrace plant-based alternatives with celebrity support, special offers, and a variety of new recipes and menu items.

Veggie Grill

Courtesy of Veggie Grill

The campaign encourages individuals to embrace plant-based alternatives with celebrity support, special offers, and a variety of new recipes and menu items.

Veganuary, known for its January campaign promoting veganism, extends its mission with a dedicated week to skip chicken.

Making Plant-Based Choices Accessible

In response to growing concerns about avian flu and sustainability, Veganuary introduces Choose Chicken-Free Week. This initiative aims to demonstrate the ease of swapping chicken and eggs for plant-based alternatives. Running from April 29 to May 5, this event coincides with Respect for Chickens Day and offers a plethora of resources, including recipes and tips, available on the Veganuary website.

Sandra Hungate, US Director at Veganuary, said, “There are many simple and surprising ways to replace eggs in your favorite recipes. From everyday ingredients like banana and apple sauce to culinary innovations like aquafaba—the liquid from a can of chickpeas which can be whipped into a beautiful meringue—there’s an egg-free swap out there for everything from breakfast to dessert!”

Ike's Love & Sandwiches

Courtesy of Ike’s Love & Sandwiches

Beyond January: A Year-Round Commitment

Veganuary’s impact extends far beyond January. The movement supports individuals and collaborates with businesses to increase plant-based options throughout the year. Initiatives like Choose Chicken-Free Week demonstrate the ongoing growth of the vegan movement.

“Veganuary is not a short-term phenomenon that comes to an end in January. With initiatives like #ChooseChickenFree, the Veganuary movement continues to grow as both individuals and businesses embrace plant-based year-round. Over the summer, Veganuary will run additional campaigns such as Choose Fish-Free Week, BBQ Month, and Choose Dairy-Free Week, aimed at educating the public about the benefits of trying vegan,” said Hungate.

Celebrity Endorsement

NBA Assistant Coach Joseph Blair, known as “The Vegan Coach,” lends his support to Veganuary’s Choose Chicken-Free campaign, urging his followers to participate and rethink their food choices. “It’s not just a nugget. It’s a soul taken. I didn’t give them life, so who am I to take it?” said Blair.

Special Offers, New Product Launches, and Recipes

To celebrate Choose Chicken-Free Week, various brands are rolling out special deals and innovative chicken-free products. From Veggie Grill to Loma Linda, companies are making it easier for consumers to embrace plant-based alternatives.

Brands are also sharing unique chicken- and egg-free recipes, showcasing the delicious possibilities of plant-based eating. From Tindle’s Vegan Garlic Parm Wings to Nasoya’s TofuBaked Teriyaki Burgers, these recipes inspire creativity in the kitchen.

As Veganuary expands its reach beyond January, Choose Chicken-Free Week serves as a reminder of the collective power to make compassionate and sustainable food choices every day of the year.

For more information, visit Veganuary.com.

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