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Portillo’s Adds Plant-Based Hot Dog to Menu Nationwide

Chicago-style dogs get a vegan upgrade at this quintessential hot dog chain.



Chicago-style dogs get a vegan upgrade at this quintessential hot dog chain.

For the first time in its 59-year history, Portillo’s has launched a plant-based hot dog option! The Garden Dog will stand alongside its meat-based counterparts and boasts a similar amount of protein. The promotion began May 17 and continues while supplies last.

Field Roast’s Plant-Based Hot Dogs and Sausages

If you have been vegan for a number of years, the chances are high that you’re familiar with Field Roast. The company launched in 1997 in Seattle, Washington. From the beginning, the brand positioned its products against meat—literally! You could find them chilling next to cold cuts in the deli case at the local co-op. Field Roast became known for meaty yet meatless hot dogs and sausages, their bold use of herbs and spices, and signature vegetable blends. Today, their product mix also includes nuggets, burgers, pepperoni, and deli and cheese slices.

Portillo’s Hot Dog Empire

Any foodie worth their salt knows Chicago is a first-rate food city. And in this region, hot dogs are as beloved as deep-dish pizza and Wrigley Field. Portillo’s links have stood strong amid some tough competition. What began as a small trailer in 1963 has transformed into a hot dog empire spanning nine states and 70 locations today.

Field Roast’s Signature Stadium Dog

What happens when two hot dog heavy hitters join forces? You get the Plant-Based Garden Dog, that’s what! The Garden Dog is Field Roast’s Signature Stadium Dog nestled between a steamed poppy seed bun. And, of course, you’ll get all the Chicago-style dog toppings: onions, tomatoes, relish, sport peppers, a pickle spear, mustard, and relish. The product is pea protein-based and treated to taste like a kosher-style beef hot dog. This means out with the liquid smoke and in with smoked maple hardwood chips. You can find these vegan hot dogs at all Portillo’s locations nationwide.

Jared Cross

Jared Cross


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