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NYC’s Black Rican Vegan Pop-Up to Release Cookbook This July

The popular New York pop-up launches a collection of 60 Afro-Latine recipes.

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Courtesy of Black Rican Vegan

The popular New York pop-up launches a collection of 60 Afro-Latine recipes.

Embark on a vibrant culinary adventure with the release of the sensational new vegan cookbook, Black Rican Vegan! In this lively collection of plant-based recipes, the mastermind behind NYC’s hottest pop-up restaurant, Lyana Blount, shares her mouthwatering creations inspired by her Afro-Latine roots. Brace yourself for an explosion of flavors that will revolutionize the way you experience vegan cuisine!

Lyana Blount: The Brains Behind Black Rican Vegan

Lyana Blount, born and raised in The Bronx, is the brilliant chef and owner of Black Rican Vegan, which has taken The Big Apple by storm. Her innovative creations have been featured by renowned publications such as the New York Times and Buzzfeed. Bringing her passion for cooking to The Bronx and beyond, Lyana continues to inspire with her extraordinary talent and dedication. Her new cookbook, Black Rican Vegan, introduces a delightful fusion of Latin staples like Vegan Chicharron Sin Carne, alongside city favorites such as NYC Bacun Eggin Cheeze.

Picture of Owner of Black Rican Vegan at event

Lyana Blount, Black Rican Vegan Founder & CEO Courtesy of Black Rican Vegan

Black Rican Vegan, a Collection of 60 Plant-Based Recipes (and Stories)

Black Rican Vegan is not just a culinary guide; it’s an intimate journey that weaves together Lyana’s family stories and humorous insights. Each of the 60 recipes carries a piece of her heritage, like Grandma’s Relleno De Papa and Titi’s Lasagna for Dad. Additionally, you’ll uncover sensational new hits like Succulent Barbacoa Jackfruit Tacos, Guava and Cheese Corn Bread, and Holiday Vernil. Be impressed by ingenious recreations of meat and seafood dishes, including the delectable Not So Crabby Cake, the tantalizing Zesty Cajun Skrimp Pasta, and the mouthwatering Planto Mango Con Salami. And, of course, don’t miss out on Lyana’s famous desserts, like the New York Times-featured Coquito Tres Leches Cake.

With every recipe crafted exclusively from plants, Black Rican Vegan breaks new ground in creating healthier Afro-Latine fare for a new generation of cooks. Through ingenious homemade swaps for meat, cheese, and seafood, this cookbook showcases the accessibility and deliciousness of plant-based alternatives.

Courtesy of Black Rican Vegan

Black Rican Vegan will release July 25. You can pre-order the book now on Amazon. Follow Black Rican Vegan on Instagram at @BlackRicanVegan.

Allison van Tilborgh

Allison van Tilborgh

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