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11 Women-Owned Vegan Bakeries That Ship Nationwide

These women-owned companies will ship vegan desserts directly to your door!

The Naughty Cookie cookies individually wrapped with confetti
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Courtesy of The Naughty Cookie

These women-owned companies will ship vegan desserts directly to your door!

If you’re looking for vegan treats shipped directly to your door, you’ve come to the right place. To sweeten the deal, all of these bakeries are owned and operated by women. From coffee cake and gooey cookies to vegan croissants and indulgent blondies, the creative dessert options are endless. Next time you have a sweet tooth, order from one of these women-owned vegan bakeries that ship nationwide.

Maya’s Cookies

Founded by Maya Madsen in 2015, this Black woman-owned vegan bakery has since won over the masses. Who doesn’t love cruelty-free, gourmet cookies? And the best part is, Maya’s Cookies offers nationwide shipping! Treat yourself to Caramel Pecan, White Chocolate Espresso, Birthday Cake, and Classic Chocolate Chip cookie varieties. Or check out the brand’s Cookie Love Club, which offers seasonal and exclusive flavors each month.

Maya's Cookies on plates and cookie rack

Courtesy of Maya’s Cookies

Awesome Bites Co.

Born out of the desire to offer her child allergy-friendly treats, Jennifer Thai created Awesome Bites Co. This woman-owned vegan bakery may be located in Houston, Texas, but don’t let that stop you from enjoying these treats. Awesome Bites Co. also offers nationwide shipping. Find Super Muffins, Beanie Bars, and Awesome AF (Allergy Friendly) Cookies! Right now, we’re all about the Chocolate Chip, Funfetti, and Sunflower Butter cookies. Can you blame us?

Awesome Bites Co. donuts on tray

Courtesy of Awesome Bites Co.

Tubby’s Taste

Danielle “Tubby” Tubbs, a naturally gifted baker, founded Tubby’s Taste in 2014 after turning her baking hobby into a passion-filled business. Tubby’s Taste features a tasty lineup of vegan cookies with flavors inspired by the founder’s Jamaican American roots. Think “Mango, Coconut, Lime” and “Grapefruit, Pineapple, Hibiscus” treats to name a few. These desserts are available in select stores and through nationwide shipping.

Tubby's Taste cookies in box with confetti

Courtesy of Tubby’s Taste

Giselle’s Vegan Kitchen

Vegan baked goods shipped right to your door? We are here for it! This woman-owned vegan bakery was founded by Giselle Shah. Her gourmet treats include brownies, coffee cakes, protein bars, macaroons, donuts, cheesecakes, cupcakes, and beyond. Can’t decide? Giselle’s Vegan Kitchen offers variety boxes, so you can try a little of everything.

Giselle's Vegan Kitchen donuts in box with tissue paper

Courtesy of Giselle’s Vegan Kitchen

Foxship Bakery

Known for its wildly delicious cookie flavors, Foxship Bakery is an exclusively online vegan bakery. Foxship is owned and operated by Renee Ferriell and offers quarter-pound cookies and gourmet brownies for purchase. The assorted cookie flavors include Strawberry Pop-Tart, Cinnamon Roll, and Cake Batter, while the brownies can be found in Rainbow, Oreo, and Cookie Dough varieties. We’ll take one of each, please!

Foxship Bakery baked goods in tins

Courtesy of Foxship Bakery

Southern Roots Vegan Bakery

Southern Roots Vegan Bakery is a Black-owned family business operated by Cara Pitts and her husband Marcus. With a focus on Southern classics, this vegan bakery offers options like Red Velvet Cake Donuts, Pineapple Upside Pound Cake, Sweet Potato Pie, and a variety of decadent cookies. If you’re gluten-free, the company also features inclusive choices for you to enjoy.

Southern Roots Vegan Bakery cookies on plate with box in background

Courtesy of Southern Roots Vegan Bakery

Yvonne’s Vegan Kitchen

This woman-owned vegan bakery was founded by classically French-trained chef Yvonne Ardestani. Yvonne’s Vegan Kitchen offers a delightful lineup of cake slices, cookies, cupcakes, donuts, pies, and more. Need a custom cake order? YVK has just what you’re looking for. Looking for holiday-specific treats? Again, you’re in great hands.

Yvonne's Vegan Kitchen baked goods on plastic tray

Courtesy of Yvonne’s Vegan Kitchen

The Naughty Cookie

Founder Jessica Motes created The Naughty Cookie as a way to showcase how good vegan treats can be! And these cookies are seriously droolworthy! From Hot Cocoa and Chocolate Chip to Confetti and S’mores, the cookie varieties are popping off! Create your own order or send a friend a sweet gift to their doorstep.

The Naughty Cookie cookies in bags with confetti

Courtesy of The Naughty Cookie

Nowhere Bakery

Blondies, brownies, and cookies—oh my! Owned by entrepreneur Saphira Rasti, Nowhere Bakery will surely delight your sweet tooth. Other tasty and inclusive offerings include sandwich cookies, cookie dough bars, and shareable chocolate cakes. All treats are free from soy and refined sugar, plus they are handmade in a dedicated gluten-free facility.

Nowhere Bakery cookies on tray

Courtesy of Nowhere Bakery

Karma Baker

If you’re looking for delicious vegan treats shipped straight to your door, don’t miss out on Karma Baker. This vegan, gluten-free bakery was started by Celine Ikeler and offers nationwide shipping! Bestsellers include chocolate cake pops, lemon cupcake jars, oatmeal chai sandwich cookies, and chocolate donuts, to name a few. No matter which sweet you treat yourself to, Karma Baker won’t disappoint.

Karma Baker donuts on parchment paper

Courtesy of Karma Baker

L’Artisane Creative Bakery

Founded in 2018 by Chef Carolina Molea, L’Artisane Creative Bakery is bringing a vegan twist to classic French foods. Think gourmet macarons, flaky croissants, and chocolate-filled Madeleines. L’Artisane also offers a variety of vegan, gluten-free gourmet cookies. Experience some of the best plant-based French pastries from this woman-owned vegan bakery.

L'Artisane Creative Bakery baked goods with coffee

Courtesy of L’Artisane Creative Bakery

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