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5 LGBTQ-Owned Vegan Restaurants to Support in NYC

Fellow New Yorkers recommended their favorite restaurants to try for Pride Month and beyond.

Vegan baked goods from L'imprimerie
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Courtesy of L'imprimerie

Fellow New Yorkers recommended their favorite restaurants to try for Pride Month and beyond.

In honor of Pride Month this June, we are showcasing some of our favorite LGBTQ-owned vegan-friendly businesses. From French croissants to Malaysian salads and apps, these NYC spots will not disappoint.

Seitan’s Helper

Whether you’re new to plant-based eating or just craving an epic sandwich, this Brooklyn deli has you covered. They offer housemade seitan tucked into a fluffy baguette with layers of grilled veggies and creamy sauces that will leave you speechless.

Person holding sandwich from Seitan's Helper

Courtesy of Seitan’s Helper

Lagusta’s Luscious

This is the destination for vegan chocolate decadence. In support of Pride Month, you can order their Pride Bark online, with 20% of each sale going to Trans Education Network of Texas. Their main shop and cafe are located in New Paltz, New York, and their sister location, Confectionery!, is in Manhattan.

Person holding chocolate from Lagusta's Luscious

Courtesy of Lagusta’s Luscious



Rumor has it that Ursula’s vegan burrito is one of the best in the city! It’s packed with pinto beans, vegan queso, hashbrowns, and red chili. Try it for yourself at this New Mexican-inspired cafe and bakery located in Brooklyn.

Ursula vegan dish on plate

Courtesy of Ursula



This French bakery and cafe operates out of Bushwick. They offer indulgent vegan croissants and other baked goods like the vegan pistachio chocolate escargot and vegan buns. We recommend enjoying your pastry with an espresso and a good book.

Vegan baked goods from L'imprimerie

Courtesy of L’imprimerie



We are happy to report that this popular LES Malaysian coffee shop has vegan options! Try their Satay Tofu Salad, Criss Cross “Shrooms”, or their “I don’t know what to eat” set menu which gives you a taste of everything.

Vegan dish on plate from Kopitiam

Courtesy of Kopitiam

Allison Sanders

Allison Sanders


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