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10 Must-Try Better-for-You Store-Bought Snacks

These convenient, plant-based products were made for health-conscious snacking!

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Courtesy of Rivalz

These convenient, plant-based products were made for health-conscious snacking!

Whether you’re restocking your gym bag snack selection or replenishing your movie night nosh drawer, we’ve got you covered with the better-for-you vegan snack options! From plant-based baking mixes and sprouted nut blends to crunchy popcorn and pickled vegetables, we’re talking about convenient, better-for-you store-bought snacks made with simple ingredients. If you’re ready to level up your snack time routine, check out some of our packaged plant-based favorites.

Rivalz Vegan Stuffed Snacks

The future of snacking is upon us, and we are here for it! Now’s the time to get your crunch on with these delicious, dual-textured, multi-flavored stuffed snacks. Available in Late Night Pizza, Extra Chedda’ Mac, and Spicy Street Taco flavors, Rivalz Stuffed Snacks taste like those nostalgic bites you love and crave, but with a more nutritious ingredient list. Containing the powerfully nutritious yellow pea, these snacks are vegan and gluten-free with 8g of plant-based protein, 4g of fiber per serving, and only 9 net carbs, plus vitamins and minerals in every serving. Consider this your sign to stock up on these satisfying snacks ASAP!

Find Rivalz Stuffed Snacks at select Sprouts stores throughout California, Florida, Arizona, Nevada, and Georgia; on the RivalzSnacks.com; or through Amazon.


Courtesy of Rivalz

PB2 Pantry Baking Mixes

In need of a little better-for-you sweet treat? Same! And we’re sharing our current go-to. Available in Chocolate Chip Cookie and Chocolate Brownie varieties, we cannot get enough of the PB2 Pantry Baking Mixes! Unlike traditional mixes, PB2 uses resealable jars, perfect for batches big and small. Simply follow the vegan preparation instructions on the jar and you’ve got a satisfying, gluten-free, non-GMO, and plant-based treat loaded with simple, recognizable ingredients.

Click our link and use promo code VEGOUT20 for 20% off your entire PB2 purchase!


Courtesy of PB2

OH SNAP! Pickled Snacks

Looking to up your veggie intake? OH SNAP! Pickled Snacks are just what you’re searching for. Choose from individually wrapped pickled snacks like Dilly Bites, Carrot Cuties, Pretty Peas, and Cranberry Sweeties. Not only are these better-for-you snacks great for on-the-go snacking, but they are often found at gas stations and convenience stores—a major win for the wanderlust vegan and the conscious commuter alike.


Courtesy of OH SNAP!

That’s it. Fruit Bars

Need a pre-workout energy boost or feeling a little snackish between meals? Give That’s it. Fruit Bars a try! Made solely of dried fruit, there are no surprise ingredients here! That’s it. has a whole lineup of bars and we cannot get enough—it’s the Apple + Mango variety for us! We’re loving these simple, better-for-you store-bought snacks for busy work shifts, travel days, and beyond!

That's it.

Courtesy of That’s it.

Love Corn Crunchy Corn Snacks

These vegan, store-bought snacks are the perfect choice for the entire family. Available in Sea Salt, BBQ, Hot & Spicy, and Salt & Vinegar, you won’t want to miss out on a single flavor. Love Corn Crunchy Corn Snacks are made with simple ingredients—just non-GMO corn, sunflower oil, and spices. Add them to your lunch boxes, gym bags, and glove compartments for better-for-you, on-the-go snacking made easy!

Love Corn

Courtesy of Love Corn

MadeGood Granola Minis

The MadeGood Granola Minis are the perfect snack to throw in your bag for a midday treat with purpose. Made with gluten-free oats, cane sugar, and a variety of vitamin-rich vegetable extracts, these better-for-you store-bought vegan snacks are a must-try! While the granola bites can be found in several flavors, it’s always going to be the Strawberry flavor variety for us.


Courtesy of MadeGood

ALOHA Protein Bars

Where are our vegan protein bar lovers at? When not just any bar will do, we reach for these USDA Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified, plant-based protein bars from ALOHA. Made with thoughtful, better-for-you ingredients, the ALOHA Protein Bars are an easy choice. And the flavors will absolutely blow you away! The Peanut Butter Cup and Coconut Chocolate Almond varieties always have a special place in our hearts, along with our pockets, purses, and snack cupboards if we’re being honest.


Courtesy of ALOHA

BHU Foods Truffles

It’s time to refresh your better-for-you snack inventory with BHU Foods Truffles. Made with organic, plant-based ingredients, these vegan cookie dough truffles are a must-have if you ask us. Available in Peanut Butter, Hazelnut, and Double Dark Chocolate varieties, these bites are the decadent indulgence your snack time ritual has been waiting for. Keep a bag on hand and treat your sweet tooth as desired!

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BHU Foods

Courtesy of BHU Foods

Daily Crunch Sprouted Nut Snacks

Sprouted for easier digestion, improved nutrient availability, and a superior crunch, the Daily Crunch Sprouted Nut Snacks are always hanging out in our snack drawer. Whether you’re craving a sweet, savory, spicy, or au naturel variety, Daily Crunch has the hookup. The Nashville Hot Sprouted Almond, Cherry Berry Sprouted Nut Medley, and Dill Pickle Sprouted Almond and Pepitas are always in our snack rotation.

Daily Crunch

Courtesy of Daily Crunch

Lesser Evil Popcorn


When the crunchy snack cravings creep in, Lesser Evil Popcorn is our go-to! While not all popcorn varieties are vegan, most of the brand’s organic popcorn selection is cruelty-free. Better-for-you snack choices FTW! Want in on these crunchy store-bought eats? Pair your at-home movie night with the brand’s Himalayan Pink Sea Salt variety, keep the White Cheddar flavor at work for a midday pick-me-up, and be sure to pack the Fiery Hot flavor for your next road trip.

Lesser Evil

Courtesy of Lesser Evil

At VegOut, we curate the best of the best vegan products, so you don’t have to. Our picks are all selected by our amazing team of writers and editorial staff. We may earn commission if you purchase one of these great products by clicking the links above.

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