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8 AAPI-Owned Condiment Brands to Shop Right Now

From Sichuan hot sauces to Japanese BBQs, your meals are calling for these tasty vegan condiments.

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Courtesy of Bachan's

From Sichuan hot sauces to Japanese BBQs, your meals are calling for these tasty vegan condiments.

Could your cooking use a flavor boost? We feel you! And we’ve got just the suggestion—vegan condiments from your fave AAPI-owned brands! Let these flavorful hot sauces, tangy BBQ sauces, and gourmet chili oils transform your culinary creations! It’s time to give your sauce lineup an update. You’re going to want to check out our list of delicious AAPI-owned condiment brands ASAP.

Peepal People

The vegan hot sauces from Peepal People are crafted in small batches, and you can totally taste the difference! Peepal People founders Alyzeh Rizvi and Ahmer Zaidi set out to create flavorful, low-vinegar sauces that cross cultural borders. The brand’s sauce collection includes Hara Bhara (a mild sauce made from green chili peppers), Peela Patakha (a versatile sauce crafted from habaneros), and Bhoot Bangla (the brand’s hottest sauce made with garlic and ghost peppers).

Peepal People sauce on shelves surrounded by fruits and veggies

Courtesy of Peepal People

Fly By Jing

Founded by Jing Gao in 2018, Fly By Jing is taking the condiment world by storm! Fly By Jing’s signature sauces are packed with uncensored Chinese flavors reminiscent of Jing’s hometown, Chengdu, China. The small-batch, crafted condiments include Sichuan Chili Crisp, Zhong Sauce, and Sichuan Gold (the fiery hot sauce used on Hot Ones). These flavorful sauces play well with everything from dumplings to dairy-free ice cream!

Fly By Jing sauce with bubbles of sauce surrounding

Courtesy of Fly By Jing


Looking to add killer flavor to your favorite foods? Check out Bachan’s Japanese Barbecue Sauce. Using an authentic family recipe and traditional Japanese ingredients, Bachan’s small-batch, cold-filled sauces are sure to turn your meals up a notch. Available in Original, Gluten-Free, Hot & Spicy, and Yuzu formulations, this AAPI-owned condiment brand satisfies your cooking needs.

Bachan's sauces with red ribbon around them

Courtesy of Bachan’s

K-Mama Sauce

Coming in hot with a variety of vegan hot sauces, you won’t want to miss out on this AAPI-owned condiment brand. Find K-Mama Sauce in Mild/Original, Spicy, and Hottest along with two gluten-free varieties—inclusive hot sauces FTW! Elevate your tofu scrambles, transform your ramen noodles, and level up your burrito bowls with these authentic Korean gochujang hot sauces.

K-Mama Sauces lined up

Courtesy of K-Mama Sauce

Hotpot Queen

After growing up in her mother’s small hotpot restaurant in the heart of Chongqing, China, Jia Liao founded Hotpot Queen, paying homage to her mother’s legacy, nickname, and spicy recipes. In addition to hotpot-ready pantry staples, Hotpot Queen features two flavorful condiments that you need to try. The Wild Mushroom Chunky Chili Sauce is an umami-rich way to add flavor, while the Chongqing Chili Crisp is a spicy Sichuan staple that tastes great on just about everything. Note: The brand’s thick-cut noodles do contain eggs.

Hotpot Queen sauce on labeling

Courtesy of Hotpot Queen

Empress Hot Sauce

Created by Jane Chen and Alex Denner, Empress Hot Sauces were designed to enhance your meals, not overwhelm them. Each delicious sauce was inspired by global flavors along with Taiwan’s unique produce. Ranging from Pineapple Miso and Smokey Hibiscus to Irwin Mango and Ghost Pepper Maqaw, all Empress Hot Sauces are naturally fermented and free from preservatives. Feeling spicy? Check out this AAPI-owned condiment brand immediately.

Person holding Empress sauce next to plate of food

Courtesy of Empress Hot Sauce

Hot Jiang

Founded by Netflix’s Bling Empire cast member and lover of spicy foods, Kelly Mi Li, Hot Jiang is the condiment of all condiments! You’re going to want to add this to everything! The brand’s chili oil is packed with authentic Chinese flavors and comes in three variations—Mild Spicy, O.G. Spicy, and Extra Spicy, all crafted from the Li family recipe.

Hot Huang sauce surrounded by food and confetti

Courtesy of Hot Jiang

Pacific Red Hot

This AAPI-owned condiment brand is coming to you from Rota, an Island in the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI). Made with chili peppers harvested by Rota farmers, Pacific Red Hot is not just a local favorite—it’s got fans all over the world! Created by husband-and-wife duo Francisco and Ofelia Atalig, the hot chili Rota Sauce tastes great on anything and everything. Don’t mind if we do.

Pacific Red Hot Sauce on spoon

Courtesy of Pacific Red Hot

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