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Bling Empire’s Kelly Mi Li Launches Vegan Hot Sauce Brand

Choose between Mild Spicy, OG Spicy, and Extra Spicy!

Kelly Mi Li and her mom Emily cooking in the kitchen

Kelly Mi Li and her mom, Emily Courtesy of Hot Jiang

Choose between Mild Spicy, OG Spicy, and Extra Spicy!

Kelly Mi Li, entrepreneur and star of Netflix’s Bling Empire, is launching her very own vegan food condiment line called Hot Jiang—a housemade chili oil in three unique flavors!

Hot Jiang’s Authentic Chinese Chili Oil for the American Market

Hot Jiang debuts its signature homemade chili oil with flavors from Kunming, a southwest region of China. The unique blend of hot chili peppers, black peppers, prickly ash, sesame seeds, garlic, salt, and mushroom powder will have you coming back for more. Plus, it’s keto-friendly and heart healthy. Hot Jiang comes in three spice levels—Mild Spicy, OG Spicy, and Extra Spicy—in 6 oz jars. The oils pair deliciously with mushroom dumplings, noodles, and pretty much any other dish you can imagine!

Wonton being dipped into Hot Jiang

Courtesy of Hot Jiang

Bling Empire’s Kelly Mi Li, Founder of Hot Jiang

Through three seasons of Bling Empire, Mi Li’s relationship with her mom, Emily, has been on display for all to see. It’s a complicated one, full of insecurities and uncertainties, but their mutual love of cooking has always brought them through any troubles.

Mi Li’s love for spice started at a young age through her mom’s cooking. She often made a top secret family hot sauce that united the family over traditional meals. Dishes like Little Pot Rice Noodles transported Kelly and Emily back to their roots in Kunming, China. Food plays a pivotal role in creating and maintaining bonds, and Hot Jiang wants you to become part of the family!

Hot Jiang is a community and family tradition. It’s a reflection of founder Mi Li’s personal journey and representative of the growth of her relationship with her mom. By sharing their cherished family recipe, she hopes to connect people worldwide through a love for spice.

Follow @hotjiangsauce on Instagram to stay up to date on the brand. And visit HotJiang.com for recipe inspiration.

Allison van Tilborgh

Allison van Tilborgh

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