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13 Vegan Condom Brands

Practice safe sexual expression with these cruelty-free condom brands.

Person holding Maude vegan condom

Courtesy of Maude

Practice safe sexual expression with these cruelty-free condom brands.

Are vegan condoms on your safe sex shopping list? We’ve got you! But if you’re going, “Wait, not all condoms are vegan?” Unfortunately, the answer is no. Many mainstream condom brands utilize casein (a protein found in milk) in the production process. Plus, many of the same traditional condom brands use other questionable ingredients and aren’t always the kindest to the planet. Say goodbye to standard condoms and hello to cruelty-free contraceptives with ingredients that are better for you and the environment. Check out these inclusive, sex-positive wellness brands for all your vegan condom needs.

Flo XO! Vegan Condoms

In addition to eco-friendly tampons, Flo features an inclusive collection of sexual wellness products. Available in two varieties, Ultra-Thin and Hi-Sensation, this women-of-color-owned brand’s vegan condoms are made with biodiverse, sustainably farmed rubber trees. Plus, Flo XO! Vegan Condoms biodegrade in under a year once opened, a stark comparison to the hundreds of years required by other brands on the market.

Flo XO! vegan condoms with box

Courtesy of Flo XO!

Glyde Ethical Vegan Fair-Trade Condoms

Tailored for comfort, the Glyde Ethical Vegan Fair-Trade Condoms are made with lightly lubricated natural rubber latex. Glyde contraceptives are available in a variety of fits and flavors for the ultimate protection and sexual expression. Shoppers can choose from Slim, Maxi, and Ultra sizes including a variety of flavored condoms ranging from strawberry, wildberry, vanilla, blueberry, and licorice for those looking to sweeten the deal.

Glide vegan condoms with flowers

Courtesy of Glyde

Hanx Condoms

Three cheers for sustainable, safe sex. Hanx Condoms are natural, vegan, and free from harsh chemicals, which may decrease the likelihood of UTIs, making them a better choice for you and the planet. The scent-free rubbers come in both standard and large sizes, so you can shop based on your unique needs. Plus these ultra-thin vegan condoms are top-rated by fans and are delivered discreetly to your door.

Person holding Hanx vegan condoms

Courtesy of Hanx

Lovability Buttercup Condoms

This health and self-love brand is here to help empower you to take charge of your sexual wellness. Designed and packaged by women for women, Lovability features vegan condoms that are ultra-thin and easy to open. Lovability Buttercup Condoms are made with 100% natural latex and contain smooth, long-lasting silicone oil lubricant, perfect for sensitive skin. Plus, these eco-friendly contraceptives are both odorless and tasteless for a more pleasant and safe sex experience.

Lovability vegan condoms

Courtesy of Lovability

Sustain Condoms

This eco-friendly, sex-positive brand has your back (and your front) when it comes to vegan condoms. Sustain Condoms are fair-trade, vegan, and nitrosamine-free. The brand’s contraceptives come in Ultra Thin, XL, Comfort Fit, and Tailored Fit options. The female-founded brand offers a host of sexual wellness products and period care items. From organic, aloe-enriched, water-based lubricants to period underwear, Sustain has you covered.

Person holding vegan condom from Sustain Condoms

Courtesy of Sustain

Maude Natural Latex Condoms

Set the mood with Maude. Specializing in modern sexual wellness essentials, this brand features vegan condoms in two sizes—Rise (standard) and Rise Plus (large). These ultra-thin rubbers are made without harmful chemicals, spermicide, or fragrance. Maude Natural Latex Condoms are FDA-approved and enclosed in an easy-to-open buttercup package.

Person holding Maude vegan condom

Courtesy of Maude

Royal Intimacy Vegan Latex Condoms

With an impressive lineup of vegan, all-natural, high-quality body care products, you need to check out Royal Intimacy. These essentials are inclusive and come from a transparent company. Shop the brand’s collection of vegan condoms, organic lubricants, and cleansing items. The Royal Intimacy Vegan Latex Condoms come in various sizes and flavors. Choose from Tailored Fit, Extra Large, Strawberry, and Chocolate options.

Person grabbing vegan condom from Royal Intimacy from pocket

Courtesy of Royal Intimacy

Skyn Non-Latex Condoms

If you are looking for non-latex, vegan condoms, Skyn is the brand you need to know. The Skyn Non-Latex Condoms use a material called polyisoprene, proven to enhance sensation. And because there is no latex involved, there is no rubber scent associated. Find these in a variety of formulations and sizes. These latex-free contraceptives are safe for those with a latex allergy and offer the same protection against pregnancy and STIs.

Skyn vegan condoms

Courtesy of Skyn

Lola Ultra Thin Latex Condoms

Made with natural rubber latex and high-quality lubricant, Lola Ultra Thin Latex Condoms are both vegan and gluten-free. Plus, these rubbers are free from parabens, casein, glycerin, nitrosamines, and synthetic flavors. So, if you’re looking for peace-of-mind protection, play it safe with these gynecologist-approved condoms. The wellness brand also features personal lubricant and cleansing wipes along with a variety of period care and PMS support items.

Person holding vegan condom from Lola

Courtesy of Lola

P.S. Condoms

Not only are P.S. Condoms vegan, they are about 40% thinner than traditional condoms and contain the right amount of lubricant. But don’t worry, these contraceptives are strong and trustworthy. These sexual wellness products exceed FDA requirements in both strength and reliability. So breathe a sigh of relief because this cruelty-free condom brand has you covered. These vegan condoms come in both regular and XL.

Pile of vegan condoms from P.S. Condoms

Photo by Gordon Baker-Bone

B Condoms

Not only are B Condoms vegan, made with natural rubber latex, and contain spermicide-free lubricant, but these safe sex products, and the brand behind them, are making a major impact in the Black community. This Black-owned brand partners with nonprofit organizations and donates thousands of contraceptives to reduce the likelihood of STIs, unplanned pregnancies, and human trafficking. Conscious shoppers can support this brand by shopping its impressive collection of vegan condom varieties.

Person holding B Condoms

Courtesy of B Condoms

LELO HEX Condoms

Inclusive sexual wellness brand, LELO, has the hookup on vegan condoms, pun intended. Find the brand’s HEX Condoms in both Original and Respect XL sizes. Made with natural latex, these contraceptives are ultra-thin and contain a unique hexagonal cell structure to improve sexual safety and fit, hence the name. Plus, they are lightly lubricated and packaged in a no-slip wrapper.

LELO HEX vegan condoms on blanket

Courtesy of LELO HEX

Kimono Condoms

Made for better and safer sex, Kimono Condoms contain premium ingredients and are made with cutting-edge technology and testing. The brand’s inclusive collection of vegan condoms includes thin, microthin, ribbed, and XL varieties for the perfect form-fitting shape. These rubbers are free from parabens, glycerin, spermicide, and nitrosamines. Be sure to check out Kimono next time you need to refill your supply.

Kimono condoms on bathroom floor

Courtesy of Kimono Condoms

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