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San Diego’s Veg’n Out Moves Into Mission Square Market

A chef-driven menu upgrade is coming to Grantville’s only vegan deli!

Veg'n Out
San Diego

Veg'n Out

A chef-driven menu upgrade is coming to Grantville’s only vegan deli!

If you have visited the Grossmont Center food court within the last month, you’ve noticed the absence of Veg’n Out. The brand offered locally sourced artisan plant-based burgers. But they temporarily halted operations in preparation for their latest move—a return to Mission Square Market! The two businesses will merge and operate under a new name, to be announced.

San Diego’s Mission Square Market

Sunny Bhanage is the owner of Mission Square Market in Grantville. The business helped popularize the idea of a vegan deli in San Diego. But leave your readers at home, because you won’t be squinting at nutrition labels here. Everything is 100% vegan! The spot also offers gluten-free, soy-free, and nut-free options. This includes go-to brands like Gardein and JUST Egg, as well as an array of beverages and deli sandwiches.

Veg’n Out

Chef and owner Grant Plummer launched Veg’n Out in 2018. During the early stages of business, Plummer offered up burgers at farmers markets, breweries, and Mission Square Market. When an opportunity to operate a food stall at Grossmont Center arose, Veg’n Out took the seven-mile journey east. Because the move was temporary in nature, Chef Plummer is set to return to his Mission Square roots.

“Sunny and I have been good friends, always helping each other with our businesses, since we met in 2018. We are excited to finally be back in the same space where our businesses can thrive off of each other. Some people will come for food and shop while waiting. Others will come to shop and get food because they’re already there. It’s a win for both our businesses and the community,” Plummer told VegOut.

Sunny’s Philly Cheese, BLT, and Turkey Club will remain on the menu, along with some adaptations of Veg’n Out’s signature sandwiches. Expect lots of whole-food ingredients!

For more information and to find out when Veg’n Out’s move is complete, visit EatVegNOut.com.

Jared Cross

Jared Cross


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