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The Man Behind Burger King’s Impossible Whopper Just Launched a Vegan Chicken Brand

The new plant-based meat brand will initially be available exclusively to chefs and restaurants.

Recreate Foods

Plant-Based Chicken Sandwich Courtesy of Recreate Foods

The new plant-based meat brand will initially be available exclusively to chefs and restaurants.

Chef Michael Salem, renowned for his instrumental role in introducing the plant-based Impossible Whopper to Burger King‘s menu, is now ready to challenge the meat industry once again. This time, he’s focusing on plant-based chicken alternatives and aiming to revolutionize the plant-based meat industry with a unique approach to flavor.

Chef Michael Salem

Chef Michael Salem Courtesy of Recreate Foods

Recreate Foods Launches with a Chef-Driven Approach

Salem announced the official launch of Recreate Foods, a plant-based food company headquartered in Phoenix. The company is set to specialize in developing culinary-forward chicken alternatives that promise an unparalleled flavor experience compared to existing competitors.

“After working as a chef for 25 years and spearheading menu strategy and innovation for prominent restaurant chains across the country, I’ve never been so instantly amazed by the flavor of a plant-based chicken alternative as I was when I first sampled the recipe that now forms the foundation of Recreate Foods,” said Salem. “I was first introduced to the product during my plant-based journey from Burger King to Hart House where I helped lead the advent of Kevin Hart’s modern, quick-service restaurant in Los Angeles. I immediately knew I wanted to help make this exceptional product accessible to as many people as possible. The most effective way to do that was to assist in establishing a solid company with strong support, propelled by an extraordinary product. I’m proud to be on this journey with the Recreate team as we introduce a chef-driven approach to best-in-class, plant-based analogs.”

Recreate’s product lineup caters to chefs with its 100% plant-based ingredients made from non-GMO pea protein and boasting zero cholesterol. The company offers an array of classic chicken cuts, including breaded and unbreaded filets, tenders, nuggets, and grounds, all expertly crafted to mimic the flavor and texture of traditional chicken.

Recreate Foods

Plant-Based Chicken Nuggets Courtesy of Recreate Foods

Recreate Foods’ Culinary-Driven Approach

Recreate Foods prides itself on its culinary brand ethos. Chef-driven from the start, the company focuses on delivering what consumers value most in their meal experience—exceptional taste. Utilizing cutting-edge technology for its base proteins, the company emphasizes the guidance and expertise of culinary professionals to create a truly remarkable plant-based chicken alternative.

Exclusively Available to Chefs and Restaurants

“Over the past year, we’ve been building a foundation to refine our operating model and secure distribution with Sysco and grow the business. We are now launching Recreate across the country as we look to create raving fans in future markets throughout North America,” said Salem.

At present, Recreate Foods is exclusively available to chefs and restaurants. However, expansion plans are in progress, aiming to bring the innovative plant-based chicken products directly to consumers through grocery retailers and e-commerce platforms in the near future.

With its culinary-forward approach and a team of talented chefs, Recreate Foods is poised to disrupt the plant-based chicken industry. As the company plans to broaden its reach through direct-to-consumer distribution, the public can look forward to enjoying a delectable and sustainable alternative to traditional chicken. For more information about Recreate Foods, visit RecreateFoods.com.

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