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A ‘50s-Themed Plant-Based Diner Is Set to Open This Year in Orlando, Florida

Enjoy classic American fare with a vegan twist!


Courtesy of V's Diner

Enjoy classic American fare with a vegan twist!

Veganism is on the rise, and Orlando’s vegan community is about to get a new addition with the upcoming opening of V’s Diner! The new spot will be a 50’s-style diner with a twist—it’s 100% plant-based. The retro design will imitate a classic American diner, but with all the vegan options you can imagine!

All-American Classics Go Vegan: What to Expect from V’s Diner’s Menu

Prepare your taste buds for all-American diner classics, done vegan by Chef Jarett Dolan (known from Dandelion Community Cafe, Drunken Monkey, Black Bean Deli, and Hunger Street Tacos). Think Chili Mac n’ Cheese, Animal-Style Fries (a la In-N-Out Burger), Cheesesteaks (featuring scratch-made sliced Seitan Steak and melted vegan provolone), and V’s Burger (including a scratch-made Seitan Veggie Burger patty, melted vegan American Cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, onions, and Thousand Island dressing). On the final menu, there will be entrees, appetizers, and desserts via a fully vegan on-site bakery operated by Linley Hollywood (of Your Local Seitanist fame in Chattanooga, Tennessee).

V's Diner spread of vegan items

Courtesy of V’s Diner

A Nostalgic Dining Space with a Twist

V’s Diner will feature upcycled electric blue diner booths, retro-modern light fixtures, and a sleek, ‘50s era bar. The plan for the 90-seat dining experience at V’s Diner is to be more relaxed, with QR codes on the table for ordering. The reduced stress on front-of-house staff will allow the owners to focus on things like paying staff more than other restaurants are able to.

Making Veganism More Accessible: Mackenzie Singleton’s Mission for V’s Diner

Mackenzie Singleton, founder of V’s Diner, hopes to inspire non-vegans. Although the vegan market is still single-digit, over 70% of people have reported having tried vegan food. Singleton chose the diner concept as it is the easiest and most prolific type of food, and it resonates with people across the board.

As a father of three children, Singleton wants to provide an environment that will foster relationship-building between parents and their children. He has so many wonderful memories of his daughter introducing him to Orlando vegan spots and wishes to pay it forward with his work at V’s. V’s Diner started as a pop-up and food truck, and the new space, he believes, will draw in a larger variety of backgrounds.

V's Diner loaded fries

Courtesy of V’s Diner

Keep an eye out for V’s Diner’s opening date, which hasn’t been announced yet. It will be the perfect spot to grab some classic American diner food, all 100% plant-based! Follow @vsvegandiner on Instagram for updates.

Allison van Tilborgh

Allison van Tilborgh

Allison is a digital media consultant, writer, and aspiring vegan-feminist scholar living in the Orlando, Florida area. She’s the founder of The Sanford Vegan, a vegan media brand, through which she connected with VegOut. As an early reader of VegOut Magazine, she dreamed of one day putting her own writing on the national stage (spoiler alert: that dream came true!). Allison loves experimenting with plant-based cooking and reading up on the latest trends in veganism and animal rights scholarship.

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