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Noodles & Company Adds Vegan Chicken to Menu at Select Locations

The vegan meat replacement will be available on select menus in Colorado, Oregon, and Washington.

Noodles & Company

Noodles & Company

The vegan meat replacement will be available on select menus in Colorado, Oregon, and Washington.

Noodles & Company is the latest company to tap into the rapidly growing alternative meat market with the addition of Impossible panko chicken to its menu at select locations.

Noodles & Company Adds Vegan Chicken to Menu

Noodles & Company is starting 2022 by adding more vegan options to its menu. The fast-casual restaurant has announced today that Impossible panko chicken will now be available on its menu at select locations in Washington, Colorado, and Oregon.

The vegan chicken will be featured in a new dish called the Impossible Orange Chicken Lo Mein. Additionally, the plant-based chicken can be added to or substituted in any other entree. The Impossible panko chicken contains 13g of protein per serving and features a crispy exterior and a juicy interior with a meaty texture.

In an effort to appeal to meat-eaters and herbivores alike, Noodles & Company is extending its Goodness Guarantee to all dishes ordered with the Impossible panko chicken. If customers don’t enjoy the dish, they can exchange it for another dish for free. The restaurant hopes that this will encourage those who wouldn’t normally try plant-based meat to give it a go.

How to Eat Vegan at Noodles & Company

Noodles & Company is a fast-casual restaurant whose menu features pasta dishes, spiralized veggie noodle dishes, Asian-inspired noodles, and salads. The restaurant offers tofu as a protein option at all locations, and several of the noodle and sauce options are vegan as-is. Consult your local store for nutritional information, as not all stores carry the same ingredients.

Dishes that are vegan with little to no modifications include the Impossible Orange Chicken Lo Mein, Japanese Pan Noodles, Spicy Korean Noodles with tofu, and the Asian Apple Citrus Salad with tofu.

Visit Noodles.com for more information about the vegan-friendly restaurant or to browse the menu of a location nearest you.

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