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15-Course Vegan Omakase Experience Comes to Miami

Prepare your taste buds for Watermelon Nigiri, Maitake Mushrooms, Amazake Sorbet, and more!

Inside of MILA Omakase

Courtesy of Riviera Dining Group

Prepare your taste buds for Watermelon Nigiri, Maitake Mushrooms, Amazake Sorbet, and more!

Miami‘s culinary scene is set to make waves with the launch of MILA Omakase’s fine-dining vegan experience beginning April 25. As plant-based diets gain popularity across the US, chefs Michael Michaelidis and Reji Yoshizawa will be blending Japanese culinary traditions with Mediterranean influences for an unforgettable 15-course, plant-based menu.

A True Omakase Experience with a Vegan Twist

MILA Omakase’s intimate 10-seat plant-based omakase experience takes guests through the 72 micro-seasons of Japan, utilizing the freshest ingredients with a twist. Guests will enjoy innovative takes on traditional classics such as Watermelon Nigiri (garnished with shiso and yuzu salt), Maitake Mushrooms (made with mushroom jus, winter truffles, pickled hon shimeji mushrooms, and shiitake puree), and Amazake Sorbet (made with local Ichigo and strawberry consommé). The culinary journey will be available at MILA Omakase every Tuesday at 6pm and 9pm for $250 per person.

MILA Omakase dish being made

Courtesy of Riviera Dining Group

An Authentic Japanese Experience on MILA’s Trendy Rooftop Lounge

MILA Omakase is a haven for Japanese cuisine lovers, adorned with cherry blossom trees, minimalist wooding, and Japanese craftsmanship-inspired wallpaper. The 500-year-old hinoki wood cutting board and wall-mounted niches, serving as exclusive membership club chopstick displays, add to the authentic experience. The rooftop lounge offers an exclusive and private space where guests can savor delectable vegan cuisine and enjoy the stunning views of Miami.

Vegan Omakase Is Trending Nationwide

Miami is not the only city seeing a trend in vegan omakase experiences. Just earlier this year, LA-based Kusaki opened its doors, offering patrons 5- and 7-course meals featuring a variety of vegan nigiri, sashimi, sushi rolls, and more. New York also saw the opening of Omakaseed, a 15-course, vegan omakase experience organized in 60-minute seating increments. It was only a matter of time before the sensation reached Miami.

The launch of MILA Omakase’s fine-dining vegan experience is sure to make waves in Miami’s culinary scene. With its innovative vegan twists on traditional Japanese cuisine, guests will relish in a remarkable culinary journey. The intimate experience is perfect for plant-based and non-plant-based diners alike, and MILA Omakase’s authentic ambience adds to the allure.

MILA Omakase dish

Courtesy of Riviera Dining Group

Stay up-to-date with MILA Omakase on their Instagram or make reservations at MILA-Miami.com/Reserve.

Allison van Tilborgh

Allison van Tilborgh

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