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The Dairy-Free Dodgers: Justin Turner Invests in Plant-Based Milk Brand Ripple

The pro baseball star has partnered up with the non-dairy milk brand for its next marketing campaign.

Justin Turner

Photo courtesy of Ripple

The pro baseball star has partnered up with the non-dairy milk brand for its next marketing campaign.

Ripple Foods, a leading plant-based milk brand, has announced a new partnership with the Dodgers’ third baseman Justin Turner as the brand ramps up its new marketing campaign.

Justin Turner Loves Vegan Protein Shakes

Back in 2015, one of Justin Turner’s teammates convinced many players on the team to switch to a dairy-free diet. Turner immediately experienced a variety of benefits after removing the dairy, including reduced inflammation, pain relief, and better recovery time. Since then, Turner has been a spokesperson for a dairy-free diet, and the partnership with Ripple Foods couldn’t have come at a better time.

Ripple Foods just underwent an extensive Series E fundraiser in September of 2021 and is primed for its next big marketing campaign. Turner joins the team as an investor and to bring awareness to Ripple Foods’ protein-packed alternative milk offerings.

Turner stated that he’s “a huge fan of Ripple’s products, especially the vanilla and chocolate protein shakes. They are perfect on the go and give me the added protein that I need during baseball season, and especially now during my postseason recovery and training.”

Ripple’s Vegan Protein Shakes, Ice Cream, and Half & Half

Ripple Foods is the creator of one of the first alternative milks made from peas. The plant-based milk contains the same amount of protein per serving as animal-based milk, as well as half the sugar and double the calcium.

Ripple has recently expanded its product offerings to include protein shakes, ice cream, and plant-based milk recipes formulated specifically for children. One of the brand’s most popular innovations has been its dairy-free half & half, which has given coffee drinkers looking for a vegan version of their favorite cream an excellent option.

Visit RippleFoods.com for a full product list, to learn more about the brand, or to find a store carrying Ripple Foods near you.

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