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The 9 Best Store-Bought Juices

You won’t want to miss out on this juicy lineup! 

RW Knudsen juices
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Courtesy of RW Knudsen

You won’t want to miss out on this juicy lineup! 

While we are all about fresh, whole produce, there’s something so delicious and refreshing about fruit and vegetable juices. From single-ingredient juices like apple and orange to blends packed with nutrient-rich greens and berries, the options are endless! Whether you prefer to enjoy these beverages straight from the bottle, mixed into a fruit smoothie, or crafted into a fancy mocktail, we’ve got a variety of options for you. Check out our list of the nine best store-bought juices on the market.

Note: While the majority of the juices are fully vegan, be on the lookout as the occasional juice blends and smoothies may contain honey, collagen, or milk products.

Santa Cruz Organic

This sustainable, organic store-bought juice brand has the hookup on all things … well, juice. Options include single-ingredient juices like apple, along with tasty blends of your favorite fruits—Cranberry Nectar, anyone? Santa Cruz Organic also features pure citrus juices (both lemon and lime juice options) perfect for recipes and beverage concoctions alike.

Santa Cruz Organic juice on kitchen counter with fresh berries

Courtesy of Santa Cruz Organic

Evolution Fresh

Quench your thirst with tasty store-bought juices from Evolution Fresh. The lineup is packed with simple juices and fancy fruit-and-veggie blends to sip on all day. From Mighty Watermelon, Organic Apple, and Essential Greens to Raspberry Renewal, Simple Orange, and Tangerine, there’s seriously a juice for every mood. Made with high-quality ingredients, you can’t go wrong with Evolution juices.

Evolution Fresh juice with oranges

Courtesy of Evolution Fresh

Bolthouse Farms

This well-known store-bought juice brand has the juiciest lineup of fruit and veggie blends. Bolthouse Farms’ 100% juice offerings include carrot, orange, and pomegranate varieties. We love to see it! Juice blends include Strawberry Banana, Berry Boost, and Red Goodness, to name a few. Enjoy these sippers on their own or level up your homemade smoothie game with a hearty splash.

Bolthouse Farms juice in basket with carrots

Courtesy of Bolthouse Farms

Garden of Flavor

These cold-pressed juices are giving us life! From the Grasshopper green juice to the spicy Turmeric Crush, Garden of Flavor offers an impressive lineup of vegan-friendly juices. Cold-Pressed Energy Elixirs, cleanses, and shots also make up the tasty, vegan-friendly inventory from Garden of Flavor. Find this brand at a variety of stores, including Whole Foods, where you can find exclusive drink formulations.

Garden of Flavor juices on table with veggies

Courtesy of Garden of Flavor


Things are getting juicy up in here with Naked juices. While these may technically be considered ready-to-drink fruit smoothies, it’s all relative to us. Some of our faves include the Mighty Mango, Green Machine, and Tropical Guava. These convenient sippers are the perfect beverage for on-the-go activities like commuting to work and road-tripping. Have juice, will travel.

Person holding Naked juice in back of car

Courtesy of Naked

POM Wonderful

If you’re a fan of tart, antioxidant-rich juices, this one’s for you! Find POM Wonderful pomegranate juices in three tasty flavors—just look for that iconic bottle when shopping. Store-bought juice varieties include 100% pomegranate juice as a stand-alone sipper in addition to pomegranate cherry and pomegranate blueberry juice variations.

POM Wonderful juice on hammock

Courtesy of POM Wonderful


An expert company in the world of juice, Lakewood has been in operation since 1935! The store-bought juice brand features a wide array of organic, biodynamic, and premium juices ranging from the classic organic apple and grape juices to more niche products like aloe, beet, and celery juices. And these aren’t just for drinking—we love keeping pure citrus juices on hand for our at-home recipes.

Lakewood juice surrounded by cherries

Courtesy of Lakewood

RW Knudsen

When searching for the best store-bought juice, check out RW Knudsen, where ripe, flavorful fruit and veggies are the star of the show. This tasty juice brand offers a plethora of beverage categories and varieties to enjoy. From Kiwi Apple Green Juice to Simply Nutritious Mega Antioxidant Juice to Organic Beet Apple Ginger Juice, they’ve got something for everyone!

RW Knudsen juices

Courtesy of RW Knudsen


This store-bought juice brand offers a variety of cold-pressed juices and functional shots to enjoy. Suja’s organic store-bought juices range from pure celery juice to a variety of produce-packed juice blends, like the Mighty Dozen, a mix of apple, celery, cucumber, kale, and collard greens. If you’re hoping to shoot your shot, the functional shots are such a vibe. We’re currently digging the Immunity Defense Shot made with ginger, turmeric, and echinacea.

Three people holding Suja bottles

Courtesy of Suja

Anja Grommons

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