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InnovoPro Launches New Egg White Replacer Made from Chickpeas

Egg whites, step aside. Chickpeas are in the house!


Egg whites, step aside. Chickpeas are in the house!

InnovoPro, an award-winning food tech company known for its chickpea-based protein, has launched a new vegan egg white replacer for food manufacturers.

Functional Vegan Egg White Replacer

Today, InnovoPro announced the launch of CP-FOAM 1001—a completely vegan egg white replacement system made from a base of its chickpea protein, CP-Pro 70. CP-FOAM 1001 was designed for food manufacturers that make desserts requiring a stable foamed egg white, such as mousse and meringue.

The vegan egg white replacer was created to fill an otherwise unmet need in the industry: an allergen-free and plant-based version of egg whites that can be consumed by vegans and those with egg allergies alike. CP-FOAM 1001 foams and whips just like egg whites, so it can be used as an even substitute for egg whites in any recipe.

All the product requires is added water and sugar for a result that matches the functionality of egg whites exactly, from the stability in baking to the texture needed to create traditional desserts such as a pavlova.

Plant-Based Food Tech

InnovoPro is a food tech company focused on bringing plant-based proteins to the global market in order to create more sustainable products that everyone can enjoy.

Over the last number of years, InnovoPro has received a variety of grants and awards to recognize their contribution to innovation in technology. In 2018, they were awarded the EU Horizon Phase 1 grant and were selected to join the EIT Rising Food Stars in 2019.

Recently, they were awarded the Seal of Excellence by the European Commission for the high quality of their products. This year they were recognized by the United Nations as one of the leading SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) that are shaping the future of our global food systems, and were awarded the “Good for All Best Small Business” award.

Visit InnovoPro.com for more information about the brand and new technologies that they are working on.

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