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Gucci Just Released Its First Vegan Leather Sneaker Line

Step out in style with Gucci’s newest vegan sneakers available in three different designs.


Step out in style with Gucci’s newest vegan sneakers available in three different designs.

Gucci just released its first vegan leather sneaker line—Demetra. The name of the sneakers was chosen by Gucci’s Creative Director Alessandro Michele, and was inspired by Demeter, the Greek goddess of harvest.

Gucci Basket, Gucci New Ace, and Gucci Rhyton

The vegan leather sneaker line features three different styles, including Gucci Basket, Gucci New Ace, and Gucci Rhyton. The shoes are priced between $702 and $940, and are produced in the company’s Italian factory. All three styles can be purchased in Gucci stores and on their website.

Eco-Conscious Materials

The sneakers are made from Demetra, a leather alternative that’s composed of 77 percent plant-based raw materials such as wood pulp and viscose. In addition, the new vegan line is also made from eco-conscious materials like organic cotton, recycled steel, and recycled polyester.

A Movement Toward Sustainability

Kering—the parent company of Gucci and owner of Yves Saint Laurent, Bottega Veneta, Balenciaga, and Alexander McQueen—is making a movement toward sustainability through their partnership with Bolt Threads, a material solutions company that manufactures Mylo (mushroom mycelium leather). In addition, Stella McCartney and Adidas have joined the partnership with Bolt Threads, giving the brands exclusive access to the eco-friendly leather alternative.

Shop the Vegan Leather Sneaker Collection

Those looking to shop the vegan leather sneaker collection can purchase at Gucci’s retail stores or on their website Gucci.com. You can also check them out on Instagram (@gucci) to stay up to date on the brand’s latest style debuts.

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