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Earl of Sandwich Launches Vegan Meatball Sub

The Vegan Cannonballs Sandwich is now available at select locations.

Earl of Sandwich

The Vegan Cannonballs Sandwich is now available at select locations.

Earl of Sandwich has kicked off 2022 with an epic new menu item. The popular sandwich shop has added its first-ever fully vegan sandwich to its menu: a vegan meatball sub.

Earl of Sandwich’s First Vegan Option Is a Meatball Sub

The vegan meatball sub at Earl of Sandwich—named the Vegan Cannonballs— is available at select locations across the US for a limited time. The plant-based sandwich was released alongside a non-vegan version of the same sandwich, and you can order the vegan option for the same price as the regular version! Find the sandwich at participating locations for $8.99.

The Vegan Cannonballs Sandwich is made with Gardein plant-based meatballs, Follow Your Heart mozzarella, marinara sauce, and Italian spices. This is Earl of Sandwich’s first fully vegan menu item and while it’s only available for a limited time, we’ll take it as a good sign that this popular sandwich shop is beginning to add more plant-based options!

Other Vegan Options at Earl of Sandwich

Earl of Sandwich hasn’t always been the most vegan-friendly establishment, but there are a few ways to grab a vegan meal if you know a few tricks. While the wheat bread has honey, the white bread is vegan as-is, so make sure to order your modified vegan sandwiches on the white bread.

The caprese sandwich can be made vegan by asking for avocado instead of mozzarella, while the veggie sandwich can be made fully plant-based by omitting the cheese and dressing. This option will leave the sandwich a bit dry, so ask for avocado and balsamic to replace the dairy-based cheese and dressing.

Visit EarlOfSandwich.com for more information about the new Vegan Cannonballs sandwich, to browse the full menu, or to place your online order.

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