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Blue Bottle Is Now Serving Oat Milk by Default at All Southern California Stores

The popular coffee roaster is adopting this new initiative as part of its attempt to become completely carbon neutral by 2024.

Blue Bottle
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The popular coffee roaster is adopting this new initiative as part of its attempt to become completely carbon neutral by 2024.

Popular Oakland-based coffee roaster Blue Bottle has always been at the forefront of new innovation and sustainability. In keeping with that trend, Blue Bottle is now using oat milk as the default milk in all drinks in their Southern California stores.

Blue Bottle’s Pilot Program Offering Oat Milk by Default

In September of this year, Blue Bottle announced plans to achieve complete carbon neutrality by 2024 and outlined several steps to help them reach this goal. Part of this plan was the three-month pilot program in place at their Brentwood, Fairfax, and Jackson Square locations in which they offered oat milk as the default milk for all drinks.

At the end of the pilot program, Blue Bottle reported that they were ordering 8% less dairy milk and decided to keep the oat milk-by-default option at these stores. Now five months into the program, they report that 75% of milk-based drink orders are requested to be made with plant-based milk.

Most Customers Prefer Oat Milk to Dairy

Due to the success of this pilot program, Blue Bottle has announced that it will make oat milk the default milk option at all of its 22 Southern California locations moving forward. As their Southern California locations make up 22% of their total stores and more than 25% of their US locations, this is a huge win for the plant-based community and sustainability as a whole, as oat milk boasts a significantly lower carbon footprint than dairy.

The oat milk that Blue Bottle is offering is Oatly brand, which is known for its creamy texture that foams up perfectly in lattes and cappuccinos. After the success of the pilot program earlier this year, Blue Bottle recognized that most of its customers prefer the creamy oat milk over dairy milk anyway, so the switch to make it the default milk was a no-brainer. Of course, guests can still request different milk (Blue Bottle also carries almond milk) if they’d prefer.

Visit BlueBottleCoffee.com for more information and to find the nearest location near you.

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