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An Interview with Queer Vegan Comedian Tig Notaro

Raising vegan kids, finding a work-life balance, and supporting Queer creatives—this interview covers it all!

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Raising vegan kids, finding a work-life balance, and supporting Queer creatives—this interview covers it all!

You’ve seen her in many shows, movies, talk shows, stand-up specials, and live tours, but did you know she’s vegan? Yep, that’s right! Tig Notaro, the hilariously charming, award-winning comedian, writer, actress, podcast host, and producer is also a fellow plant-based eater!

If you’ve followed Notaro for a while, you’d know that she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2012. After undergoing a double mastectomy to remove the cancer, Notaro suffered from chronic pain. During that period, she and her wife Stephanie transitioned to a vegan diet, which she mentions had a huge impact on her recovery. Years later, Notaro is still vegan AF, and she and her wife are raising their two sons vegan as well.

From big blockbuster movies and her current stand-up tour Hello Again to the local vegan comedy show, Comedy for the Animals, Notaro shows no signs of slowing down. Read on for our interview with the Queer vegan comedian Tig Notaro.

VegOut (VO): We’d like to start by saying that we are so inspired by your vegan journey! How did transitioning to a plant-based diet help you combat cancer and chronic pain?

Tig Notaro (TN): Well, I am a firm believer in the healing powers of food, I noticed an immediate difference in my day-to-day pain levels after changing my diet. Not everything is magically cured, but my life looks vastly different than before. My dream is to go fully WFPB at some point because I really think that will make even more of a difference in the way I feel.

VO: We love that your wife and kids are vegan as well! How do you talk to your kids about being vegan and why their food choices look different from those of their friends?

TN: We put most emphasis on the importance of kindness to animals—that felt like something they could connect to at a younger age. Now that [our kids] are seven, the discussions are also around health and the environment. They are luckily very passionate about all three. They’re still kids who love Oreos and other snacks, but I’m very proud of their commitment and passion for veganism.

VO: What are your go-to vegan meals to cook as a family? And what is your favorite vegan/vegan-friendly restaurant for eating out?

TN: We do a lot of kale salad, tofu, pasta, veggie burgers, tacos, and pizza with our sons. And I’d say for sure, we are more than regulars at Crossroads and are excited about the new arrival of PLANTA to LA—a restaurant we love to visit in NYC and Toronto.

VO: From writing and acting to touring with your one-woman standup show, you stay busy! What tips do you have for other on-the-go individuals looking to follow a vegan lifestyle?

TN: Get the HappyCow app.

VO: What inspired your current standup comedy tour Hello Again? And what topics do you touch on in your set?

TN: Nothing too out of the ordinary for me—family and kid stories, health struggles, and a ton of absolute nonsense.

VO: Do you have any tips for balancing work and personal life?

TN: I wish I did. It’s an ongoing challenge for me, but I think I somehow hit that sweet spot from time to time.

VO: As an openly Queer celebrity, how do you hope to inspire a more inclusive future?

TN: Speaking openly about my life and family gives the general public a window into another world, which is always helpful in opening minds.

VO: How can allies support Queer creatives this Pride Month and beyond?

TN: Come out to our shows, pick up a copy of our books, or stream our movies, and let your friends know. There are so many great talents out there (not all vegan, but talented nonetheless).

VO: Is there anything else you’d like to share?

TN: Check out my podcast Don’t Ask Tig. I’ll be on the new season of The Morning Show this fall, and the final season of Star Trek: Discovery will be out at some point but no actual date yet. All live show info at TigNotaro.com.

Allie Mitchell

Allie Mitchell


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