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Restaurants and Brands Offering Veganuary Specials Nationwide

Veganuary has never been easier with all of these specials!

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Veganuary has never been easier with all of these specials!

More and more restaurants and brands are getting involved with the 31-day vegan challenge by bringing plant-based specials, vegan recipes, and new vegan products to consumers. Here are some of the restaurants with locations nationwide that are offering Veganuary specials.

Mellow Mushroom

Mellow Mushroom is an Atlanta-based pizza company that is already very vegan-friendly. For Veganuary, they’ve added two new vegan pies to the menu at all locations: The Miss Mushroom and the Greek Goddess. Both pies are made with Follow Your Heart Mozzarella and Feta Crumbles.


The world’s largest fast-casual poke chain is teaming up with OmniFoods to bring a plant-based version of the restaurant’s popular Garlic Spam Musubi. Omni Musubi will be available in seven locations in Orange County, Seattle, Silicon Valley, and New York City.

Just Salad

Just Salad is promoting their plant-based menu items and sharing easy and healthy plant-based substitutions all month!

Just Salad

Fresh Brothers

Fresh Brothers has teamed up with Support + Feed to bring a new vegan pizza option for Veganuary. The pizza comes with spinach, mushrooms, peppers and onions, and vegan pepperoni. A portion of all sales from this pizza for the month of January will be donated to Support + Feed to help feed families in need.

Fresh Brothers

Magnum Ice Cream

Magnum has released two new vegan products this month: Non-Dairy Hazelnut Crunch Bars and Non-Dairy Mini Variety Packs. The Variety Pack features six mini versions of the brand’s other vegan flavors: Non-Dairy Classic and Non-Dairy Almond.


Sweet Earth

Sweet Earth is launching a series of vegan recipes this month in partnership with a celebrity chef and culinary creators. Additionally, the brand will be offering special deals on the Veganuary website and hosting a variety of giveaways on their Instagram page.

Visit Veganuary.com for more information about the challenge and give them a follow on Instagram at @weareveganuary for more vegan recipes and news about the challenge.

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